Monday, September 12, 2005

44 days...

... ago something happened to me. Something of great significance - which I must share:

I married my dream girl. And as the picture shows, she certainly is a dream. It was the most beautiful, perfect day anyone could describe. In fact, I'm sure I will describe it at as the best day of my life for YEARS to come.

Honey - I love you and always will.


Ryan said...

What the heck? What is wrong with that camera? Actually, more like what is RIGHT with that camera!?

It has this flaw where it can only take colour photos of the flowers, but it somehow *knows* where the flowers start and stop in the picture to create a beautiful picture! My God! Stupendous! I want to market this camera. Who's camera was that?

Oh yes...your wife looks great.

Ferda said...

it's a pretty cool effect.

What a great post! I love it :-) Thank you baby