Monday, September 19, 2005

Barrhaven's Finest

Hey - all in all, not a bad weekend. Heck - who am I kidding? As long as it's the weekend, its good. Didn't get into any kind of trouble...

Friday night the wife and I went out for a nice dinner. Found a new restaurant in our suburb of Barrhaven [new in the sense that WE haven't tried it before], Fiamma is the name; this is the review:

The atmosphere was great, or as my co-worker Trung would say: "Nice ambience." Funny story - a group of us went for lunch one day to a place that my co-worker Trung had heard only two things about: 1 - one of their best dishes was a tasty European sausage dish, and 2 - they had a pleasant ambience. He mistakingly put these two comments together, and when prompted for his order he replied: "I would like to try the ambience sausage please".

Anyway - back to the review: Fiamma was dimmly lit with plenty of candles. Seems the cool thing to do now is use as many candles as you can. This way you can really stick it to the MAN at Hydro who will charge you an 'arm in a lake'. The western wall of the restaurant was entirely made of brick which made for a interesting effect. It was busy, not an empty table and therefore I recommend reservations. The service was friendly, efficient and quick - three things I like in a restaurant. And the food was great; we started with tasty little crabcakes - a new culinary experience for me. Our main courses were tri-canneloni and pork tenderloin, respectively. Both were great. On the Sliding Simpson Scale of Succulence, I give Fiamma a healthy 8. But do bring your wallet as well as your appetite, because it's not cheap.

As with most meals, the best part came from the company and conversation, and I must extend a thank you to my guest. In fact, when we first arrived at the restaurant we were seated close to another couple. My wife noticed that the woman at this table seemed to be enjoying her tri-canneloni, so she asked her:

"Excuse me, but how do you find the canneloni?"
"Oh, of course dear" the woman replied, "Its on the last page of the menu."

DUH! Really??!?!?!

My wife and I looked at eachother with a look that could only mean: Thanks for that INFORMATIVE little tidbit of information, you clever Barrhavenite.

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Ferda said...

arm in a lake!!! mwahaha love it!