Friday, September 16, 2005


I work at a post-secondary educational institution - sometimes known as Hogs Back High. I have know discovered why it is referred to as HBH.

Being September, the fall term has just begun. And the campus is littered with greasy, puberty-ridden teens; more than the casts of That 70s Show, Napoleon Dynamite, and Degrassi combined.

What blows my mind for the most part is the clothes [or lack thereof] the girls are choosing to wear to around here. It’s a blend of club night on the strip in Miami and what you would wear to the beach on the HOTTEST day in the middle of the summer [ie. practically nothing]. I don’t understand this trend because when I dress – I do it for comfort, not to show off my body.

If I was a woman and I was going to be stuck for three hours at a time in an overcrowded classroom, I would wear the most comfortable shoes I could find, not high heels appropriate for the runway in Milan. And my attire would be more relaxed too - something like Ashley & M.K. Olsen – minus the bag-lady look and GIANT sunglasses.

Anyway - my point is... actually... wait a sec... who am I kidding?

If I was a woman -

I would tramp it up just like the rest of them.

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Anonymous said...

The male mind at its best! You can actually FOLLOW the train of thought on that one!