Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Most fun on a Friday night

Few people know this about myself, but there is one thing that I love to do. Friday nights, Monday evenings, whatever.

It's what I like to call, DDR. Or Dance Dance Revolution. More than a year ago my wife and I visited Vancouver and went to a giant video game arcade that had the arcade version. We loved it so much we must have spent about $20 playing just that game.


So upon our return I logged onto eBay and picked up the game and dance pads for my PS2. Now, like a religion, we step up to the dancing Gods and pay our homage to the Gospel of Techno and flashing lights.

Some of you may mock us - but can you really say you that you don't have a Japanese teenaged girl trapped inside you? I can't...


Anonymous said...

Honey, I adore you and am your #1 blog fan! Keep it up.

Just had to add though... couldn't you find a better pic than the one with your burnt face from Punta Cana with my purse slung around your neck?

I'm only teasing you look great! :-)

love, your wife

James said...

Advice taken. Picture changed.