Thursday, September 22, 2005

Oooo la la.

A little while ago my wife convinced me that we should learn French together. Long story short: I submitted and we joined a class here at HBH. We missed the first week of it, but no big deal. The class is Wednesday nights, the teacher is Josée, and the atmosphere is laid back.

Those of you who know me, also may know that my French skills stink worse than most French cheeses - so this isn't going to be any kind of walk in the park. Unless that park happens to be filled with razor sharp thorns, lots of prickly bushes, and dogs with bees in the mouths so when they bark they also shoot bees at you. Are you getting any of this?

It actually went pretty good. But I tell you, my brain was oatmeal by the time the three hours were over. I don't think I have concentrated that hard since OJ was on trial and I was trying to determine if he was innocent or guilty. She uses a very open forum concept, not a typical classroom setup at all. All the chairs are spread in a circle around the class - much like reading time in kindergarten [man - do I ever miss those days]. We spent most of the time asking questions, answering questions, and repeating phrases.

I'm going in with a partial knowledge of the language and an open mind to try it and give 100%. Seeing that I live in Ottawa, the nation's capital as well as the most bilingual city you can find in Canada - I think its a good idea that I pick it up. I bet it will open other career doors for both of us - which certainly can't hurt.


Ryan said...

Et c'est une bonne idée quand tu veux une biere en Quebec.

Le meilleur facon (ou est le c cédille sur le clavier Anglais?) du étudier une langage n'est pas de prendre 3 heures! C'est trop. Peut-etre en le futur tu peux regarder pour un cours qui est arranger avec une heure ici, une heure la.

James said...


It's a good idea when you have a beer in Quebec.

The best way to study a language is not to take it for 3 hours! That's too much. Perhaps in the future you could look into taking a course which is arranged with one hour here and there.