Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Queen had it right - We ARE the champions

A few weeks ago, at the end of the summer, my ultimate team, the Gullwings, won our Tier 1 Friday night championship. This was a momentous occaision, not only for myself - because I like to win things - but for my captain Warren - because he also likes to win stuff.

And win we did, and we were all very happy about it.

This Warren and myself holding our big frickin' glass trophy. We have played on the same team for a couple years now.

I just wanted to share this for two reasons:

1 - Mostly to GLOAT! HA!

2 - However, more importantly - to say that when one plays on sports teams many things can happen: get in shape, enjoy the outdoors, learn new activities, blah blah blah... but something you may also experience is the gift of friendship. So I must say THANK YOU to these friends.

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