Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Who am I?

The last time I laughed really hard would have to been a couple weeks ago - we had three friends over for dinner; Alex, Ryan & Holly. It was very casual - we just made a simple salad and lasagna. But the humour didn't come from dinner - it came from the silly game we played afterwards. But before I can explain the situation, I must teach you the game.

Each of us wrote a couple names of people or characters or whatever - real or fictional, dead or alive - on pieces of paper that we folded up and put in a hat. Then we each drew a name but did not look at it. Instead we taped it to our own head facing outward, so others could read it but we could not.

Essentially you took over the persona of the person labeled on your head and the object of the game now became to guess who you 'were'. One person started by asking as 'yes or no' type question, like: "Am I a man?" Then the rest of us would answer the question. If the answer was no, then the next person around the table would ask a question. If the answer was yes, then that person got another turn to ask a question. It continued like this until the end.

So now you know how the game is played - I can continue my story:

We played for a couple hours and by the end we had gone through ten names I think. Some of the most memorable names were: Pac-Man, Ned Flanders, Clint Eastwood, Chris Farley, and Holly Pelky (this was pretty funny - in fact anything to do with HP is pretty funny - but that is another post in itself). But the best name chosen was ABBY - Holly's dog, Ryan picked this one up and it went a little something like this:

Ryan: "Am I a woman?"
REST: "Ugh... yes."
Ryan: "Am I alive?"
REST: "Yes"
Ryan: "Am I one of our friends?"
REST: "Ugh... yes."
Ryan: "Am I under 21?"
REST: "Yes."
Ryan: "Am I employed?"
REST: "No."
Ryan: "Do I go to school?"
REST: "No."
Ryan: "Has anyone we know slept with me?"
REST: "YES!" followed by uncontrollable laughter

After a few more questions - Ryan was able to figure out that she had white AND black hair. At this point he was VERY confused and the rest of us thought this was hilarious. But the point of the night with the most hilarity came when Ryan confirmed all he knew:

"So I'm a young, female friend of ours, with white AND black hair, not employed and not going to school - so a really LAZY ASS... and oh, I'm a BIG SLUT.


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