Thursday, October 20, 2005

40th Post!

I am in a far better mood today than I have been for the past couple of days. Hurricane Wilma has been downgraded to a level 4 hurricane and is not expected to hit FL until Sunday by then James will be home - yay!

What is happening to the world with all the natural disasters. It is all so frightening. I urge everyone to help however they can. The Red Cross and Unicef are my favourite charities.

Man, I am such a downer!

So, I had my French presentation yesterday. I think it went well but I can't tell. It was all just a blur. I am not a shy person but I was pretty nervous about this presentation since my French leaves much to be desired. My cookies were all gone though. That batch yields quite a bit of cookies. They turned out pretty good but not as good as they could be. I left them in the oven a little too long and they weren't as chewy as they should be since that is what makes them Wookie Cookies. Get it? Chewy? Chewbacca? Wookies? ugh... nevermind!

So, I'm shopping for boots now. I need a new pair. Ok, I'm using the term need very loosely. I want a new pair. I love Zappos but they don't ship to Canada neither does Nine West. Looks like a trip to the mall is in the cards... as fate would have it I'm going to be at the mall on Friday for my first ever hip hop class. I think I can pull it off, I love to dance! Besides, I picked out a spiffy outfit to wear. What do you think? It's hammer time y'all!!!

No big plans tonight. I'm invited to dinner at Kelley & Lee's the cutest married couple ever! Well, aside from Les Pimpsons of course! They are making chili. Kelley asked me if it was ok. I said I preferred surf and turf. She thought it was cute that I thought I had a choice... I'm only kidding. I'm delighted that they're having me over. Truth be told I hate eating alone - not that that stops me from eating.

Anyhoo... I should get back to work. Toodles!


Palmer said...

CHILI! MMmm. You can come eat at my place anytime.

Except for Tuesdays and Thursdays since I have class.

And I'm busy this Friday going to the Comfortably Numb concert.

Ferda said...

awww yea can't wait for the chili!

I have class Tuesdays and Wednesdays too. That leaves Mondays and Fridays. Let's try for sometime soon. I still have to check out your new digs! :-)

Matt said...

You mean you passed us playing hockey and DIDN'T offer us any cookies.

I am raiding your car next wednesday. There is a new cookie toll

Ferda said...

ummm didn't you read the post? all the cookies were devoured.

James said...

I even MARRIED her - for crying out loud - I didn't get any cookies... :-)