Tuesday, October 11, 2005

The DR is [just] in [time]

In exactly one weeks time - I will not be here. I will be somewhere else entirely. I will be in the Dominican Republic. I cannot wait for this trip because I feel like I really need a vacation. I feel like I've been working really hard at everything I do and I need a break from it.

The pic above I took last time I went to DR, back in '03. That was a very memorable trip - I hope this one goes well also. Looking at the TWN the forecast doesn't look so great. But I'm optimistic that will change.


jennafey said...

hey there... tracked you down you lurker you :P what's with visitting and not commenting, hmm?

Palmer said...

What the heck? The DR? Is this a random trip? Niiice.

Anonymous said...

Warren won a free trip for 2 and picked James to go with him. Can you believe it? I am so jealous!