Friday, October 07, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving

To everyone out there who actually reads my Blog, I hope you have a nice long-weekend filled with friends, family, naps, and all the food you can stuff into your fat belly.

I know I'll be practicing the ancient thanksgiving art of eating so much so that I can't move away from the table. I think this year I'll aks my wife to mix it all up in a blender, so that I can just enjoy it 'smoothie' style in bed. That way I won't have to move anywhere all weekend.



Anonymous said...

you can't eat all day though. Remember it's Ramadan!

warrenyeung said...

hey, i am just catching up on all my blog links! i saw the post about ultimate - awesome picture. i'm very glad that you and ferda joined up with us in a number of ways.

a trip down memory lane - this is what our first email communique was:

From: "James_Simpson (Bus Off.)" To:
Sent: Wednesday, March 10, 2004 3:38 PM
Subject: OCUA Post.

> Hi Warren, you replied to my post on the OCUA forum last week, I guess I
> haven't been checking often enough...
> Anyway, your team still need a guy and girl combo?
> I have 3+years experience, faster runner, great handler. She has 1year
> experience, quick learner and athletic. We have a car so rides aren't an
> issue...
> Just let me know either way- thanks Warren,
> James

James said...

O my gosh. That's crazy. I was such a liar!

Matt said...

Thanksgiving was fun.
Here's an article I mentioned yesterday.

warrenyeung said...

i know. who was this girl that was supposed to join with you?

Ferda said...

warren you're an ASS! :-)