Monday, October 31, 2005

Haunting time of year

So this past weekend was great. Spent all of my time with my wife doing various different things.

Friday night we went to Saunders Farm. They have a barn of terror and a haunted hayride. Good times. It was a little chilly there, but still lots of fun.

Saturday we played with the Fall Gullwings in the playoffs. They had two games - won the first, lost the second. Mrs. Pimpson and I hadn't played ulty for a while, so we were very rusty. Especially the next day - we were both achy and moany. But it was ok, since misery loves company.

Saturday night the sister-in-law came over, we chatted for a bit, then watched TV. Also made some wookie cookies. There was a horror movie on CityTV, Ginger Snaps, so-so scary. We watched that then MadTV, then SNL. The host was Lance Armstrong and the musical guest was Sheryl Crow, coincidence? Apparently Saturday night we missed a good Halloween party at Duncan's. We heard all about it on Sunday night when...

... Alex and Holly came over for dinner. Mrs. Pimpson made canneloni - very good. Thank you. We all enjoyed our dinner then walked over to Chills for CHEO. The four of us agreed it was the best haunted house we had EVER been to. Only $3 entrance, plus it all went to CHEO. I haven't heard Ferda scream that much since the last time I shaved my head.

And today - back to work. Typical Monday. Full of problems and morons. Can't believe some of the phone calls I get. This one woman complaining to me about how her rents due, and how the bank needs a letter, and how she's good at managing money, but somehow this is the universities fault that she can't pay her rent. Yeah right. Blah blah blah.

And I've got grandma on SAR's front counter saying: "Did you run the cheques last night?"

No grandma - last night was Sunday. And I wasn't thinking about work - or you - at all. Go back to your Solitaire game and leave me alone.

JamesMo, a co-worker of mine who works in SAR, just told me a good story about grandma. [we call her grandma cuz she's like 65, won't retire, and is the most crotchety person on campus. She should not be dealing with students...] Apparently grandma just transferred JamesMo (her supervisor) a call from a disgruntled student.

While transferring the call, grandma shouts out: "Have fun with this one." BEFORE she put the call on hold... obviously the student heard it all.

Brilliant. Customer service at it's best.


Anonymous said...

Think that will drive you some extra traffic?

Ferda said...

what's with that comment??

anyhoo... I made mannicotti not canneloni - geez!

James said...

??? not sure.

Palmer said...

Ah, that CHEO thing sounds cool! I want to go next year!

Ferda said...

I'm definitely hitting it up again next year!