Friday, October 28, 2005

Manly Men

What's the best way to tell the men apart from the boys? Easy.

Order pizza.

Our office was treated to 7 large Lorenzo pizza's from a research group we've done a lot of work for, quickly. Obviously the ladies could only swallow down about 2 pieces each. I personally had 5 pieces, 62.5% of a whole pizza. And I'm not talking some McCain international pizza, this is BIG.SAUCY.MEATY.PIZZA.

Anyway, five minutes ago, a co-worker of mine, Trung, came into my office still chewing on one of his pieces. He was giving off the warning signs that his stomach was ready to explode: smaller bites, heavy breathing, larger than normal gut, most of the sauce was getting on his face - you know what I mean.

So I aks him: "How many you had, Trung?"
He replies: "This is number 3"

I think that image will haunt my memories for a while - poor skinny Trung, struggling to get down his third piece of 'zza.


Roberto Iza Valdes said...
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James said...

Thanks Roberto!

Ferda said...

haha! Good thing roberto shared that info. What would we do w/o him?

only you would think eating more pizza makes you more of a man :-)

James said...

Hell yeah!