Wednesday, October 26, 2005


Last night Mrs. Pimpson and I went down to the basement and fished out my old Halloween decorations. A couple years ago my mom (in an effort to clean out her basement) shipped them all out to me from Vancouver.

I don't think I had taken them out of the box any of the other years since then - mostly because I was living in a house with some other guys where things tended to get broken faster than you could say "Trick or Treat". But since I'm very proud of my new home that my wife and I share, this year I was eager to show them to my wife and perhaps start some new traditions of our own.

Regardless of what season - or time of the year it is - (Easter, Xmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Flag Day, Etc...) I think having some yearly routines is nice, something you can hang up or display on your mantle or front door. It helps you break away from the normal day-to-day boringness that is work. This is especially important when you live in a town like Ottawa, where winter lasts for ten months of the year and you're lucky if you get 5 hours of sunshine a day.

Back to Halloween. So we found a pumpkin carving kit, complete with little carving knives and stencils to help carve a fancy looking pumpkin. We also found some little crafts that I did when I was a little boy: like a little spiders and pumpkins made from orange and black felt. There is also a great wreath that my mom created years ago. I'm trying to figure out how to hang it from our front door without punching a nail-hole in it (any ideas are welcome - please comment!).

Regardless, I think the most important of Halloween is to have a good pumpkin, all carved and lit with a candle. We plan on creating our masterpieces this weekend - hopefully we'll get some pictures of them to share later.

update: This MSN conversation happened shortly after I showed Ferda this great website which is full of great pumpkin carving stensils:

Ferda says: but they are not scary! i want a scary pumpkin
James says: Darth Vader is scary! He's the most feared ruler of the Sith empire!
Ferda says: oh james you are such a nerd sometimes
James says: ok. You do a scary one, I'm doing darth vader.

** SECOND update:** I found this beauty of a post on another blog site (thank you Google's blog search): 1000 lbs of butter sculpted into Darth Vader. Wow.


Palmer said...

You can get these huge hook things to hang wreathes over a door. You see them at Christmas time all time the time.

It's this brass hook thing that hangs over the top of your door so it doesn't damage anything.

Darth Vader is definitely a fearful presence. If the Mrs. requests something scary, I suggest she look in the mirror and carve that face in the pumpkin. Ha!

Palmer said...

Dude, I just saw the Pumpkin with Jesus. So wrong.

Ferda said...

Nerds! The whole lot of you!

Matt said...

Ferda you are clearly not on a level where you can appreciate Star Wars.

Fearing Vader is the first step. You might get there eventually.

Matt said...

Also, if your front door is metal (you mention nail hole so probably not metal) you can use a strong magnet, just make sure to put some cloth between the magnet and the door, or you might find yourself missing some paint.

I speak from experience.

James said...

HA! Jesus pumpkin.

Buying a pumpkin: $8.50
Candles to light it: $1.50
Knives to carve it: $3.00
Carving Jesus on your pumpkin: PRICELESS.

Matt said...

More pumpkin stencils

James said...

Thanks for the advice fellas, greatly appreciated.

and this is for Ferda:

Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suf-fer-ring.

James said...

LOL - the H-star-R ones are great!

Ferda said...

sorry james, it doesn't have the same effect as with the yoda voice

matt: that site is awesome! I think we have a winner for my pumpkin!

Palmer said...

Hey, supposedly pumpkins at Food Basics are 89 cents.

I foudn out from the cashier at Loeb's after I bought the $4 one. Bastard.

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