Monday, October 03, 2005

Pure Genius

The person who invented the microwave dinner/lunch is my hero [in this case lunch].

After a quick Google search, I have discovered that a man named Percy Spencer stumbled onto the technology to use microwave energy to heat food. He quickly patented the idea that:

a method of treating food by application of microwave energy, wherein the food is exposed to microwave energy within a restricted region of space and for sufficient time to cook the food to a predetermined degree.
Turns out that the "restricted region of space" was a galvanized garbage can in his first experiments.

Thank you very much Mr. Spencer for my microwaved lasagna that I am enjoying for lunch today.


Mrs. Pimpson said...

you liked it? I thought it was very salty. Why do they need to inject microwave foods with so much sodium anyways?

James said...

Salt preserves the meat. [or so I've been told...]