Tuesday, October 04, 2005


With some help from my friend Ryan, I have changed the setup of my TV room in the basement. My wife and I moved into our new house in the middle of June. At that time I did a half-assed job of wiring the surround speakers and setting up the room. And seeing as we were getting married 45 days later, I had more pressing concerns to manage rather than the neatness of my basement.

But after reading Ryan's article I was inspired to complete the job.
The above picture shows the basic layout [scale is off(by a long shot{DUH!})]. The blue boxes are the 5 speakers: 1 centre behind the tv, 2 front beside the tv, and 2 rear placed high and on the side of the listening area. The red box is the non-directional subwoofer.

The speakers I have are made by Energy - called Take 5. They are micro-speakers but they pack quite a punch - especially the powered sub. All of these are routed through a regular Sony amplifier that gives out 50 watts per channel (250 watts).

Here's my plug for Sony and Energy: the two systems combined make for a beautiful sound combination. I am very impressed every time I watch a DVD with a loud action sequence or fierce gun battle.

And the best spots to sit and watch are on the LazyBoy chair, or on the right end of the couch. These spots are the best viewing and listening positions - and most comfortable thanks to the new couch and chair we bought from the Brick.

I think my two favourite types of movies are action and comedy. I frickin' love Old School, Zoolander, and BASEketball.


Palmer said...

Nice. Did you manage to get the flat wire? What did you end up doing? I still have to shove the wiring underneath the baseboard.

James said...

Oh Yeah. For the left side wall - it's backed by the unfinished part of the wall. So I just ran the wire behind and throught the wall. Looks good b/c it's totally wireless.

For the right side, I had to run under the baseboard and tuck under the carpert. I used a flat head screw driver, it worked OK. But took a while, b/c I could only do the width of the screwdriver at a time. Alex told me there is some kind of tool that can do this task much easier. What it is and where you get it - I don't know....

For the part of the wire that comes up from under the baseboard to the speaker, I will cover with something like this so that it's relatively hidden (but runs vertically up the wall). I'll pretty sure they sell something like this at Home Depot.

Palmer said...

Like a plant? ;-P