Wednesday, October 05, 2005

What on earth is going on? [literally]

For those of you who don't live in the capital region, you might be surprised to hear that Ottawa is currently 26 degrees and sunny. No clouds - no snow. It's actually up to 31 if you could the humidex.

Today is October 5th poeple! Last years weather was way worse - in fact Ottawa's average temperature for October is a measly 8 whole degrees! I've heard of global warming, frankly who hasn't, but I understood it to be a gradual trend. Not overnight.

I'm sitting here thinking to myself -

Man, if we, the citizens of earth, don't do something soon to correct this climate change issue. things could get pretty ugly.

NOTE: (added 12.05pm Oct. 6) - apparently I was wrong about global warming. I got the following graph from this website:

Apparently global warming is to do with the general decline in Pirate population over the last 200 years.


Mrs. Pimpson said...

ummm wth?

Palmer said...

Awesome. Where do you find these? Hilarity.