Friday, November 11, 2005

The classic 'dog ate my homework' excuse takes a back seat

In Hillsdale, Michigan, 18 year old Mike Sessions was elected Mayor for his town of 8,200. He now has the best excuse for not completing his homework.

In fact, maybe you saw, but he appeared on the Late Show last night and read his own top ten list. In case you didn't see, here's the Top Ten Good Things About Being An 18-Year-Old Mayor, thanks to Letterman:

10. "Parents try to tell me what to do, I raise their taxes"
9. "Every night, a different member of the town council does my homework"
8. "It's every teen's dream: The power to regulate zoning laws"
7. "Goodbye, education budget -- Hello, brand new X-box"
6. "I got a call from Demi Moore"
5. "Trying to get the city hall on an episode of 'MTV Cribs'"
4. "I don't have to wait in line at Applebee's anymore"
3. "School bullies now have to deal with the Feds"
2. "Only victory speech featuring the word 'Dude'"


1. "It's flattering when President Bush calls me for advice"

According to the facts, he won't really have that much power; his main role will be to assist the councilors in approving the budget and making policy decisions. Since he's only required to attend two council meetings per month, which are held in the evening, Session's school won't be interrupted.

But still, 18 and the mayor. Sweet.

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Ferda said...

one of Pinar's friends ran for mayor here but he didn't stand a chance...