Wednesday, November 02, 2005

How to piss me off

Send me an email asking if the cheque has been processed but don’t give me any information such as payee, amount, date, etc.

That’s right people – I can read minds.

UPDATE (Nov. 4 - 1:28pm) New email from a different person:

'I don't suppose there is a cheque for me down there by any chance?'

Hell no!!!


Palmer said...

I wish I worked for my own company (like Vice) who can just make up their own damn rules.

For example, I would respond to that person saying:

"Yep, the cheque #90871297 has been processed."

Then they can write back saying "Hey, my cheque isn't that! What's going on?"

And never reply.

I have a subscription to Vice magazine and they didn't want to fork out the extra money for shipping costs on their overly large July issue so they just emailed and said "You're not going to get it and don't bother asking for it.". I love it.

Matt said...

lol, soooo, in Palmers perfect world, every service and product that he purchased, would have poor to no support.

Internet down, Palmer calls in to find out why, they say, our server is not working for some reason, our techs are busy for the rest of the month, stop calling and asking about it, it wont go any faster.

Palmer buys something off of tiger direct, it does not show up or get any notication, Palmer calls tiger direct, they tell him, they have no idea where his package is, and that they are not a shipping company they are an internet store.

Palmers credit card has an extra $500 dollars of strange internet porn purchases (extra porn not his usual porn purchases), Palmer calls the credit card company to try and file a complaint/possible fraud. The credit card company tell Palmer it is his own damn fault for using his credit card to make internet porn purchases, and suggest he not use his credit card at places that are not trust worthy.

I love it.

Palmer said...

I think you just described everyone's experience with customer service which exists now. ;-)

Anyhow, I guess what I was trying to say (but Matt just can't read properly. He's a poor customer.) is that I feel that if a customer asks a really dumb question, then they should get a really dumb answer.

Matt said...

"Matt just can't read properly." "what I was trying to say" "I feel that if a customer asks a really dumb question, then they should get a really dumb answer."

You asked no questions to Vice, they just told you that you don't get that issue. There were no stupid customer questions, no interactions from the customer at all, JUST bad service.

I read everything just fine thank you. :) lol

James said...

What do you guys think this is? The Palmer/Matt rant show?


Palmer said...

Maybe we should start one? We have a good rapport with one another.

Matt said...

I thought this was the Palmer and Matt rant show?

Palmer said...

Tune in next episode for the battle of the Geeks!

James said...

Can I be the special guest referee?