Thursday, November 10, 2005

O Canada

The other day I got a letter in the mail from Citizenship & Immigration Canada saying that I was scheduled to take my citizenship test on the 18th of this month. I had been waiting to hear from them for some time now so I was excited to hear that things are finally progressing on the citizenship front. In the summer they had sent me a booklet to study what would be on the test. To be honest I rifled through it but didn't read it entirely. I will be doing that this weekend. At work I found this site where you can practice the test. To be honest the questions aren't all easy but some are simply hillarious. I urge you to go check it out and comment how you did.

For eg.:

Which three legal rights are protected by the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms?
c. Right to ski anywhere in Canada, right to move, and right to public assembly.

LOL Did y'all know you had the right to ski. Ain't it grand being a Canadian.

Here's another one I liked:
List three ways in which you can protect the environment
d. Pour solvents down storm drains, leave taps running, leave lights on.

But seriously, I am super excited that my citizenship is finally going through. I hope to do well on the test and not have to reschedule. I expect that you all will be sending your good vibrations my way on the 18th around 11:00.


James said...

I'll be sending you good vibrations alright, but maybe more specifically later that night.

Eww.. what did I just say?

Matt said...

Your score: 70%
10 questions.

Alright, did I pass?, Am I still Canadian?

Ferda said...

yup, you are! All you need is 60%

Ferda said...

btw James I totally knew you were going to leave a comment like that! grrr you have no shame :-)

mkl said...

I took the test. I lost points on the skiing part. It's not really a right ;)

I also mis-read an answer about the Canada flag being red with a white maple leaf....

And why didn't they mention anything about our national sport of hockey?

Matt said...

Don't forget Lacrosse, Canada has 2 national sports.'s_national_sport

Palmer said...

I wouldn't take the practice test if I were you. They track you down if you fail it.

Good luck Ferds. I know you'll break a ski.

Ferda said...

aww thanks. I hope to break a ski.

andrew said...

Question 8 of the 'Life in the UK' citizenship test [Used by the Government]-

What do you do if you spill another persons beer in the pub?

A - You would offer to buy the person another beer.

B - You would offer to dry their wet shirt with your own.

C - You may need to prepare for a fight in the street.

Ferda said...

Is that for real?!? That's hillarious!

The answer is C right?

James said...

Ha! That's funny.