Monday, November 14, 2005

OC Transpo's Tyranny Continues

OC Transpo's work-to-rule is now in effect. This means two things for all Ottawa residents:

1 - expect delays when taking transit
- and -
2 - watch your ass when you cross the street

About an hour ago when I was walking back to my office from the gym, I crossed the street I cross everyday. JamesMo and I were about to cross the street (at the crosswalk I add), when we saw the city bus coming towards us we naturally assumed the bus would stop for the red, octagonal-shaped street sign. Apparently the driver doesn't know what that sign means...

I must have missed the memo on this one, but transit drivers don't want to work OR follow the rules of the road.

To quote Homer J. Simpson:

"Public transportation is for losers."


Ferda said...

the other day James told me when I brush my hair I should brush it in the back too because it looks like a slept on the bus...

that's my bus story :p

James said...

Ya. That was pretty funny.