Monday, November 21, 2005

Review: Auberge Val Carroll & Weekend

This past weekend my father took us out for our birthday dinners to a fancy restaurant called Val Carroll.

It's about 1.5 hours out of Ottawa, north of my father's hometown of Hawkesbury. It's a small inn, restaurant, and getaway from the cities of Ottawa and Montreal. Very beautiful place, great scenery and great food.

We were treated to an incredible 5 & 1/2 course meal on Saturday night. With the exception of one other table, we were the only ones in the restaurant.

Dinner started with vol-au-vent; cute little puff pastries crammed full of shrimps and scallops in a tasty cream sauce. This appetizer was very good, I definitely recommend it to anyone.

Following that we were served a satisfying bowl of vegetable soup and hearty salad with more types of lettuce that I knew existed. The dressing was a very intriguing house creation which I would like to try again.

In order to prepare our palettes for the main course, we were given a small martini glass of sorbet; I believe it was lemon flavoured.

For the main course I ordered the fillet-mignon, and ohmigod, it was so good. It came with my own little gravy bowl and veggies and potatoes. Not only was it incredibly juicy and tender, it was wrapped with bacon. IMO - all foods should be wrapped with bacon. [Ferda ordered the pork tenderloin, yes - she ordered pork, and perhaps she might enlighten us on how she found it later on]

The last course was dessert; my favourite of all courses. I had the chocolate mousse while Ferda had the blueberry pie. Both were great and gobbled up quickly. Coffee and tea were next and then it was time to lift ourselves out of our chairs and head home.

Great place for dinner, a little long for the drive, but worth every minute. For those of you who remember going to my cottage, it's in this neck of the woods. Thanks Dad for the great food and the great company!

Now - for the rest of the weekend: Friday night after work Ferda went to a girl's night at Joelle and Amanda's while I went over to Alex's and we did some work in his basement. Saturday morning Pinar came over for a visit, we went to home depot for a few things, watched Ring Two, then drove out to Hawkesbury for dinner. Sunday we put up the Christmas lights, played Mario Party 6 [thanks JamesMo], and then Ferda made the best chicken pot pie you've ever had. I helped a tiny little bit by making the dough for the top of it. But, ohmigod, it was so good! I'm lucky that I get to have the leftovers for lunch today, can't wait! Thanks Ferda!


Ferda said...

The pork was delicious. Everything was divine! Mmmm I'm daydreaming of all that food now...

James said...

Aww yeah. It was great!

AquariusDragon said...

I can't wait until dinner for now, I'll eat my breakfast oatmeal... boring.