Monday, November 28, 2005

Review: Weekend

Weekend started with...

Friday: Saw the new movie Just Friends, very funny. I'd say it's half: There's Something About Mary, and half American Pie. Very funny movie, I recommend you watch it. You'll like it - you'll laugh - guaranteed.

Also picked up the complete series of Clone High from Wal-mart. Great purchase. Great show - it's a shame it only lasted one season. Another prime example of stupid tv exec's canceling good, quality programming at the wrong time [see: Futurama, but don't get me started on this...]. The premise behind Clone High can be explained by listening to the lyrics of the opening theme song, let me sing it for you:

Way way back in the 1980s'
Secret government employees
Dug up famous guys and ladies
And made amusing genetic copies
Now the clones are sexy teens, now
They're gonna make it if they try
Loving learning sharing judging
Time to laugh and shiver and

Anyway, as people who have seen this show will tell you, it's hilarious. From JFK [above] running 'casting couches' for his movie, Ghandi's crazy ADD and it's hyper-active cousin, ADHD, Abe being completely oblivious to Joan's love for him, crazy scientist-like principal Scudworth and his robot butler Mr. B, to tons of guest appearances such as Marilyn Manson, Jack Black and Tom Green. This show has it all.

Saturday: We started Christimas baking. We made cheddar jalapeno shortbread cookies and nanaimo bars. Both turned out pretty good in my opinion. Ferda did most of it, I was just around to lick the beaters. During the evening we went to our friends HandJ's place, ordered some really good 'zza from Super Duper, drank tons of coke, and played Mario Party 7 til the wee hours of the morning.

Sunday: Slept in, watched some tv, some dvds, and stayed in sweatpants all day. Beautiful.


Ferda said...

I love weekends... except for that they just fly by.

Clone High rocks! It's a very deep show, see exhibit A:

Abe to Cleo: I love open mouthed kissing it's so much more open than closed mouth kissing.

Matt said...

I agree, Clone high rocks.

JamesMo said...

I...errha... want ah partee pladder!

James said...

Same here. I'm hungry.

Kel said...

I was wondering if Clone High was out...I think someone's going to get it in their Christmas stocking this year!

Ferda said...

we have yet to see the partee pladder episode :-)

Kel, it's hillarious Lee will love it!