Friday, November 18, 2005


Truly unbelievable, I could never imagine doing something like this.

The Sun Online - News: Rugby Fan Cuts off Tackle

Scary stuff.


Matt said...

...???? I had to stop reading.. uggggg.

James said...

Best line from the article:


Imagine seeing that on the shelves at Home Depot.

Or better yet, the newest '____ for Dummies' title: "Castration for Dummies"

Matt said...

"Castration for Dummies" lol.

Not only would it be dummed down so that an idiot can follow it, but you would have to be an idiot to use it.

Alex said...

This is a perfect example of natural selection.

James said...

Sure, natural selection of someones testicals. :-)

Ferda said...

no, I think he means that he can no longer reproduce hence natural selection. Do I have to explain everything to you James or did you just want to write the word testicles? ;-)

James said...

Ha. Now you have written the word testicles. Burn.