Friday, November 04, 2005

Yeah right

So last night I got home after 9pm, and what do I find rolled up in the handle of my front door? A little slip of paper from my dear friend ADAM DONALD at the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation. Apparently he dropped by for a visit shortly after lunch at 12:15, but as the slip reads, he "was unable to find anyone at home".


Maybe this guy doesn't realize that to afford the outrageous property taxes he has assessed, I need to work for a living. Geez, who would have thought of that? And give me a break. He's just feeding this information to some suit in Queen's Park that will enter my info into a computer that will spit out that my property tax is going to be one of the highest in the province.

[I'll admit that currently, the MPAC thinks we own a hole in the ground, and they have us assessed at $49,000. I'd like to keep it that way as long as possible] ;-)

Honestly, what does this pay for? For the garbage men to come by and NOT pick up my trash? Because that's what is happening. They just leave it strewn across my yard. Or maybe it's to pay for the crummy job the pavers did on the road in front of my house - so bad each time I exit my driveway I bottom out. Thanks.

So the slip also reads, "Please contact my office asap to verify the information over the phone." Which I think really means: tell me how much you paid for this house, so we can jack up your taxes, SUCKER!

Yeah right Adam. Dream on.


Palmer said...

WHy don't you tell him the truth and that you only paid $40,000?

James said...

Yes, the truth....

Adam said...

$300,000 house you say?

Anonymous said...

I was googling Adam to invite him for Christmas... he is my nephew and this came up. Well laugh and laugh. I passed to site on to him.