Thursday, December 29, 2005

I almost cried on the plane ride back...

I did not want to leave... we got tonnes of sun, bummed around on the beach and all the food and drink we wanted... It was amazing!

Friday, December 16, 2005

I'm working for the wrong company

My wife just sent me an email saying her boss has let the office go home early today, at 2pm, on account of the heavy amount of snow we have received today.

She's left, likely already at home, and I'm stuck hitch-hiking.

Sucks to be me.

We did it!

Last day! Honeymoon is almost here!

The following items can kiss my ass in no particular order:

  • work
  • Ottawa
  • snow

Thank you, that is all.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

The White Witch

As James posted earlier this week we went to see Narnia over the weekend. I really enjoyed this movie. I like these magical, cgi filled movies. The effects were very detailed and convincing. It is as if you are transported to a fantasy place for the duration of the movie. Aside from the special effects though I was throughly impressed by the wardrobe and I'm not talking about the one in the movie but rather the costumes especially those of the white witch played by Tilda Swinton (her creepy look is perfect for this role. What great casting!) . She had some chilling ensembles. My favourite was her costume during the battle where she rode in on the polar bear sleigh, just amazing!

I love when costumes play an important part in movies. In this case you could see how her costume morphed throughout the movie. The first time she's in a scene she has a huge ice crown and is in a crisp white gown in a sleigh. Over the course of the movie her crown gets smaller and her gowns go from white to ivory to gray. It shows how she's losing power over Narnia.

Most people are curious who will win the Oscars for best female/male actor but I am always curious who will win best wardrobe as well. I know: yes, I am a dork about these things...


PS. can I just add how cute my husband is for changing up the title of his blog to fit the both of us. I love him so :-)

[no title]

Whatever happened to those Budweiser Wassup guys?

They were so cool back in the day.

And then they had the wassup grandma's... I remember my dad thought that was soooo funny.

And now I present to you the wassup kitten:

Monday, December 12, 2005

Review: Weekend of Dec 9-11

Well. Pulled a Palmer on Friday night preparing for my exam on Saturday. Except mine consisted of procrastinating with two video games on Ferda's new GameCube. She bought it last weekend, specifically for Mario Party 7, man, she loves that game. We've been playing as much as we can lately, it really is a lot of fun. Anyway, I rented Prince of Persia: Two Thrones & Need for Speed: Most Wanted.

Back to Friday night, there was a girl's Christmas party at HP's. Apparently she was up to her usual craziness, telling everyone about her recent love for the KKK. After some puzzled looks from everyone, she then said KK - as in Kris Kringle. Oops - don't want to confuse those two in the wrong crowd.

So Saturday morning, got up nice and early and left to write my exam, went fine. Glad it's done. We didn't do much else on Saturday, in fact we were both pretty wiped out from the week and the day before.

Sunday got up nice and early and started making chili in the slow cooker. Also made a quick run to Loeb at 8am, can you believe they are open at 8am? It is the best time to go grocery shopping: no one is there so its completely empty. Plus, the bakery bakes fresh break there, so it smells soooo good. We even bought a fresh loaf, it was still warm. Ohhh yeahhhh.

So we finished making the chili and left it in the slow cooker until dinner time. While we waited, Pinar came over and we went to the theatres and watched The Chronicles of Narnia movie. It was awesome. I'm sure many of you have read the book, I have, and the movie was great! Usually you are let down by watching a movie based on a really good book, but not this time. All three of us really enjoyed this movie.

We got back, waited for my dad to arrive, then had our dinner. He stayed for a little bit after, we started a game of Simpson's Monopoly, but couldn't finish it. Then he took off. The three of us watch tv for a while, I cleaned up the kitchen, then Pinar left.

This morning had a little bit of snow to clean off the car and driveway, not much. The drive in to work was usual. Only four more days to drive into work before we leave for Cuba. Friday night we'll drive to dad's house and stay there that night, then he'll drive us to the MTL airport.

We learned something interesting, Mel and Mike are leaving for Switzerland from the same MTL airport on Saturday at practically the same time! We might even see them at the airport. What a small world.

Friday, December 09, 2005

My hates...

One of my many joys at work is to receive and reconcile all transactions made on the corporate Visa cards. It's okay, it's just something you gotta do.

But - what's not okay - is the amount of people who screw this up. For example:

I have one guy who went to CdnTire and bought some hockey pucks on his own credit card, a MasterCard, obviously not work related. This is fine. But then he goes back, returns the items and gets the credit applied to his corporate Visa! So now because of his stupid mistake I've got to cut him a reimbursement cheque. This is soooo a waste of my time.

Another example (this one pisses me off the most) (and happens more than you would think):

Its mostly women who do this, but I guess they are in line at the grocery store or something, in a rush no doubt, and they reach in their purse and pull out the wrong credit card to pay for the kraft dinner and kool-aid for their 2.3 kids. So later they mail in the receipts, a cheque to cover the personal expenses, and a little yellow sticky note saying: Sorrrrrry!

Ahhh... bite me.

PS - I hate little yellow sticky notes.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

A new kind of junkie

My wife and I have a problem: we are addicted.

There's no way to pussy-foot around the issue, it's simple problem with a simple fix.

And you can tell when we haven't gotten our dose - the signs are obvious and devastating:
  • that sad, depraved look combined with the sunken eyes
  • weak muscles, slow reaction time, veins sticking out
  • smell of hunger on the breath

Its really sad that we are this addicted, and there's only one thing that will cure the craving:

Subway's foot-long, Italian BMT on honey-oat bread with lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, salt&pepper, and mayo.

Ohhhh yeahhh baby....

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Ode to Nimmy

My first pet was a cat named Nimrod. We called him Nimmy for short. Not really sure why my parents chose to call him Nimmy, seeing as states a nimrod, among other things, to be an American slang expression for a stupid or obnoxious individual.

He was a pretty cool cat, or so my Dad tells me. I only remember so much about him since I was a young boy at the time. My Mom was always certain his breed was Maine Coon.

He was a big cat.

I do remember one neat thing he used to do, if you left a glass of milk on the table, he would dip his front paw into the glass, and then lick the milk from his paw. He would drink water the normal way, licking it out of a dish or whatever, but he did this neat thing with milk only.

I now feel sorry for this cat: I likely gave him a really hard time. I probably used to pull his tail, chase him around the house; I bet I was a real, mean kid to that poor cat.

Where I grew up we lived real close to mainland Vancouver forest area; these areas are populated with lots of wild animals, including coyotes. When the day came when Nimmy didn't come home - we assumed the worst and said goodbye to him.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Practical use of statistics course

However, these statistics are only accurate in 19 / 20 cases. That is to say: a single number has been determined from a sample used to estimate the corresponding population parameter involved. Otherwise, one could say that Confidence Level (α-1) = .95, therefore α = .05

That being said: these numbers do contain a sampling error that is calculated from the standard deviation of the sample statistic.

Playing Mario Party 7 with Friends

Holly: What button do I press?

AlexJamesFerda: A.

H: So I press A? Now?

AJF: Yes....

*two minutes later*

H: But what button do I press now?


*THIRTY-two minutes later*

H: So... what button do I press?


Friday, December 02, 2005

The 100th Post

Well well well it is a milestone occasion. I would like to congratulate James on starting this blog about 4 months ago and encouraging others to start their own blogs. What a fun ride it has been so far (and will continue to be).

Let us reminisce about the good ole days... the very first post was an ode to a beautiful bride, moi (oh how the direction of posts have changed), then there was the movie review posts, there were some recipe posts in there too (mainly when James was away I totally took over this place yo!), both of us have celebrated our birthdays, James his 24th me my 25th. Hollyisms were rated and attempts at French posts were made, embarrassing moments were relived (spinach teeth), I took the Canadian citizenship test and passed it! Oh joy!

What do the next 100 posts have in store you ask? Well my pretties I don't know... there will probably be a review of our trip to Cuba coming up (awww yea!) but other than that I guess you will have to wait and see. Hold on tight you're in for a ride!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Il neige aujourd'hui, mais c'est très bien parce que nous partons pour le Cuba en quinze jours. Nous sommes prêts pour notre lune de miel (honeymoon?), et maintenant est le temps parfait parce que l'hiver est arrivé dans Ottawa.

Le nom de notre hôtel au Cuba est Meliá Cayo Santa María. C'est un hôtel avec cinq etoiles sur la plage. Les images sur l'internet sont incroyables! Je vraiment ne peux pas attendre. Le meteo en Cuba devrait être parfait - le soleil avec vingt-neuf degrés. Pas des nuages!

Mais maintenant, c'est difficile parce que nous devons attendre pour le dix-sept de décembre.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

You don't have to be crazy to work here - but it helps!

Here's a story...

So a student registers for a fall term course back in '04. As a result of not paying the course fees, he gets de-registered from the class automatically.

Later in the term, he appeals to get re-registered back into the course. They put him back in and fees are added back to his student account. Fall term ends, exam period comes and goes, still no payment for the course. Final mark in said course: F

So now it's fall term '05, said student has the same fees outstanding on his account for the fall term '04 course. Guess what - now he's appealing for a back-dated withdrawal to get him out of the course and therefore removing the fees owed. He swears he doesn't remember appealing for the re-register back in late fall term '04.

Part of the appeal process requires a reason for the back-dated withdrawal. Usually a doctor's note or something similar. Our student in question presents a doctor's note with - wait for it - Bipolar Disorder.

That's right. So no wonder he keeps jumping in and out of the course. Half of him wants to take it; the other half doesn't.

Landmark reached on internet blogsite

This just in: apparently the blogsite super_ap has reached a record for number of comments, 100, on one single post. This was achieved this morning by blog owner ____ _______. When asked about this momentous achievement, he said:

"Times, they are a changing"

Yes, Mr. ______, they certainly are.

The prized comment string can be viewed here.

Seacrest out.