Monday, December 12, 2005

Review: Weekend of Dec 9-11

Well. Pulled a Palmer on Friday night preparing for my exam on Saturday. Except mine consisted of procrastinating with two video games on Ferda's new GameCube. She bought it last weekend, specifically for Mario Party 7, man, she loves that game. We've been playing as much as we can lately, it really is a lot of fun. Anyway, I rented Prince of Persia: Two Thrones & Need for Speed: Most Wanted.

Back to Friday night, there was a girl's Christmas party at HP's. Apparently she was up to her usual craziness, telling everyone about her recent love for the KKK. After some puzzled looks from everyone, she then said KK - as in Kris Kringle. Oops - don't want to confuse those two in the wrong crowd.

So Saturday morning, got up nice and early and left to write my exam, went fine. Glad it's done. We didn't do much else on Saturday, in fact we were both pretty wiped out from the week and the day before.

Sunday got up nice and early and started making chili in the slow cooker. Also made a quick run to Loeb at 8am, can you believe they are open at 8am? It is the best time to go grocery shopping: no one is there so its completely empty. Plus, the bakery bakes fresh break there, so it smells soooo good. We even bought a fresh loaf, it was still warm. Ohhh yeahhhh.

So we finished making the chili and left it in the slow cooker until dinner time. While we waited, Pinar came over and we went to the theatres and watched The Chronicles of Narnia movie. It was awesome. I'm sure many of you have read the book, I have, and the movie was great! Usually you are let down by watching a movie based on a really good book, but not this time. All three of us really enjoyed this movie.

We got back, waited for my dad to arrive, then had our dinner. He stayed for a little bit after, we started a game of Simpson's Monopoly, but couldn't finish it. Then he took off. The three of us watch tv for a while, I cleaned up the kitchen, then Pinar left.

This morning had a little bit of snow to clean off the car and driveway, not much. The drive in to work was usual. Only four more days to drive into work before we leave for Cuba. Friday night we'll drive to dad's house and stay there that night, then he'll drive us to the MTL airport.

We learned something interesting, Mel and Mike are leaving for Switzerland from the same MTL airport on Saturday at practically the same time! We might even see them at the airport. What a small world.


Palmer said...

Can I just say that I have the greatest neighbour in the whole world as he asked if I mind if he snowblows my driveway all winter?

Dang. I scored bigtime.

As for the Gamecube...I think I would personally have more fun with it more than the Xbox.

James said...

That's pretty cool, and lucky.

Will you give him gas $$ or something?

And the GameCube is a pretty neat little toy.

AquariusDragon said...

Ryan has horse shoes up his arse.

Anyway, James and Ferda, I'll be keeping my eyes open for you two at the airport.... I wish you both a safe trip with lots of sun and fun!

Kevin said...

Katie and I went to see Chronicles of Narnia as well this weekend. I've got to agree with your 'review' - the movie was great! And best of all, it didn't butcher the book the way some recent Harry Potter flicks have done!

Time will tell if they can keep it going for seven movies though... especially since some of C.S Lewis' other books are rather... well lets just say they're not 100% politically correct!

Palmer said...

I'll just get the guy a case of beer or something for the holidays. It's the least I can do.