Thursday, December 15, 2005

The White Witch

As James posted earlier this week we went to see Narnia over the weekend. I really enjoyed this movie. I like these magical, cgi filled movies. The effects were very detailed and convincing. It is as if you are transported to a fantasy place for the duration of the movie. Aside from the special effects though I was throughly impressed by the wardrobe and I'm not talking about the one in the movie but rather the costumes especially those of the white witch played by Tilda Swinton (her creepy look is perfect for this role. What great casting!) . She had some chilling ensembles. My favourite was her costume during the battle where she rode in on the polar bear sleigh, just amazing!

I love when costumes play an important part in movies. In this case you could see how her costume morphed throughout the movie. The first time she's in a scene she has a huge ice crown and is in a crisp white gown in a sleigh. Over the course of the movie her crown gets smaller and her gowns go from white to ivory to gray. It shows how she's losing power over Narnia.

Most people are curious who will win the Oscars for best female/male actor but I am always curious who will win best wardrobe as well. I know: yes, I am a dork about these things...


PS. can I just add how cute my husband is for changing up the title of his blog to fit the both of us. I love him so :-)


James said...

What a great movie.

You are right, her costume changes really did symbolize how she was losing power over Narnia.

Kevin said...

It was really a fantastic movie.

**Warning there is a potential spoiler for those of you who have not read the books**

Katie also mentioned the crown thing, I noticed the costume but not her crown (must be a girl thing!). What I though was neat - right after the death of Aslan (and in the picture you posted)the costume she's wearing had his fur around her neck.

A last ditch attempt to show power!

Ferda said...

oh kev you're absolutely right! How did I miss that??