Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Simpson's Trivia

According to Homer, why didn't he read to little Bart every day like he planned?

A. Bart kept reading ahead and spoiling the endings

B. Stuff kept coming up mostly car related

C. It was wartime

D. TV and beer got in the way

Beats LARPing...

Check it out:


Monday, January 30, 2006


The spousal unit and I each bought something fun from Zellers for our offices this weekend. She bought a little Simpsons desk calendar that has a different trivia question for every day of the year. I expect some of these will be featured on here later during the year.

And I bought an 6 inch tall figure of Napoleon Dynomite. He says three things:

"Frickin' idiot!"


and my favourite:

"This one gang kept wanting me to join 'cause I'm pretty good with a bo staff."

Now who is a geek?

Bloggers meet for dinner; minimal hilarity ensues...

So Saturday night was Mel's bday dinner. About 30 of us went to Red Peppers on Somerset for tasty thai food. We were at that restaurant for nearly 4 hours. Bloggers in attendance: super_ap, Mel, Mike G, Matt, Dish, and of course many un-bloggers. Besides the creation of some new holly-isms (vertically versus horizontally sliced onions, does cake give you cavities - perhaps it's time for a new form for displaying holly-isms, even though there is rumors of a holly-isms song coming out this year), there really isn't any funny stories to tell. Of course, I could have missed them, it was a big restaurant, so check out the other sites to see what they have to say on the night.

For the rest of my weekend, LoZ: WindWaker was beaten, the house was cleaned, a movie was watched, and an ultimate game was won.

That is all.

Friday, January 27, 2006

It's Friday Quiz Day

Back by lack of popular demand, the Friday Pop Quiz has returned. Please examine the following photo closely, then choose the answer than best fits (and or course, feel free to add your own answer in the comments):

A) A scene from the upcoming movie: 29 Days Later, the anticipated sequel to 28 Days Later, where crazy, laughing zombies try to take over your local dance club.

B) A commercial for a new Revlon product that drastically increases forehead shine. It's called SkinLights® Instant Skin Whitetener, and it's coming out in June '06. The slogan is: For when you need that extra shiny forehead, you can count on SkinLights (for men and women).

C) The primary evidence for the lawsuit: Palmer v US Postal Service. Of course we all remember the result of that lawsuit in which everyone's favourite bar, Drink Your Face Off, had to change it's name to The Whiskey Bar.

D) In effort to boost winter-time TV ratings, NBC has opted to follow suit of such shows like: Saved by the Bell: The New Class, and Degrassi: The Next Generation, and of course Star Trek: The Next Generation, and also Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, oh... and we can't forget Star Trek: Enterprise; by bringing back the beloved characters from Friends in a new spin-off show called Alex, Don't Touch Me There. Frankly, I am really excited for the premiere.

[As usual, all names, faces, pics, events, movies, links, lawsuit titles, star trek shows, product titles, are completely fake and added solely for the sake of humour. If you don't find this type of humour remotely funny, please visit this site. Thank you - that is all.]

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Why it's good to have friends for co-workers

[MSN conversation from 12:43pm, Jan. 26]

JamesMo says: g-ma's been in 10 times in the past 15 mins. kill me.

James says: ok. *kills you* there. happy? you are dead now.

JamesMo says: wicked - I'm off to play WoW then.

James says: you can't play WoW. you are dead. unless there is some form of server in the afterlife.

JamesMo says: yes, and there is 0 ping for everyone. it's a wonderful place.


So I've been at work for about 1 hour so far this morning. And for the last twenty-five minutes straight, someone's car alarm has been going off in the parking garage next to my office. One of those loud ones that changes from: "HONK HONK HONK" to "WEY WAY WEY WAY" and then to "DEE DOO DEE DOO DEE DOO" and then finally "BEH BAH BEH BAH".

After about twenty seconds the owner clicks his little remote thingy and shuts it off. But then one minute later, it's started again. Perhaps this moron should go see why it keeps going off instead of just clicking the remote from his or her office.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Am I a geek?

Sure, easy enough question. Without thinking, I immediately answer "no, I'm cool." Heck, even my mom thinks I'm cool. But wait a minute.... ok. Seriously, I think this needs some further analysis.

  • The fact that I just used the word 'analysis' in this blogpost - GEEK
  • The fact that I even have a blog - GEEK
  • The fact that I dated the best looking woman on the planet AND convinced her to marry me - NOT A GEEK
  • I like sports - NOT A GEEK
  • I like video games and own three systems - GEEK
  • I own a CFX-9850Ga Plus Colour Power Graphic Calculator - GEEK
  • I drive a Civic - NOT A GEEK
  • I like to do handy work around the house like install central vac, garage door opener, etc - NOT A GEEK
  • I wish I owned an iPod - GEEK
  • I'm not satisfied with watching tv in only 2 audio channels, it has to be 5.1 - GEEK
  • I want to own a motorcycle and ride with my friends- NOT A GEEK
  • But my wife won't let me - GEEK
  • I'm currently addicted to playing LoZ:WindWaker - GEEK
  • But I've convinced my wife that it's cool, and now she plays too! - NOT A GEEK (for the reason that I was able to convince her that something other than shopping and celeb gossip is cool, jedi-mind-trick style)
  • I think that being able to perform the jedi mind trick would be cool - GEEK
  • When doing my 'business' at home, I'll read the gossip mags left in the bathoom - GEEK
  • I love all movies with Will Ferrel, Vince Vaughan, Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson - NOT A GEEK
  • I've bought most of the dvd's - GEEK

Now, when I total all these up, I get 11 GEEKs and 7 NOT A GEEKs. Doing a small percentage calculation (11/18) I can come to the conclusion that I am 61% geek. I don't know whether to laugh or cry...

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Review: Weekend Jan 20-22

Peace to ma homies on the west side: I know you came out to read what da super_ap was up to on the weekend, so I won't disappoint you.

Friday: Chinese food with 20 of your closest friends. Joelle's bday and Amanda organized the dinner at the Mongolian Grill. It was a surprise, mind you I don't think she was that surprised. Oh well. Great time. We were there for about 3 hours, some of the highlights were:

1) Alex 'Usurper' Hill trying to steal away Ferda and Vero away from me and Ryan respectively. The best was when Ryan called Alex's cell (from 6 feet away) when we saw Alex's arm around Vero.
2) Wet towel fight.
3) Ferda complaining that her plate was too big and she couldn't finish it. Then when she was done, she raised her arms above her head in satisfaction and said proudly:

"I'm done! S-U-C... S-S! Or wait, are there two C's in success?"
Me: "Yeah, but there's also an E."
Her: "DOH!"

4) Just imagine 20 people trying to have a conversation in a small restaurant. We were so loud, we got so many nasty looks from others trying to enjoy there dinners. It was awesome!

Later that night, the dinner crowd shrunk and became the kareoke crowd. We went to O'Briens on Heron and had a great time. I think the best song was Mel and Alex singing You and me baby, ain't nothing but mamals, so let's do it like they do on the Discovery Channel. Also I heard that it was pretty funny when Dave, Sean and I sang Total Eclipse of the Heart, but I bet it sucked.

Saturday it snowed about 15cms. We played our first ulty game with the intramural team, went well. Good group. Won 11-3. Back at home in the afternoon we cleaned up the house: vaccuuming, cleaning, dishes, laundry, the works. For dinner we had reservations at Canal Ritz. First time for both of us there. We got quite dressed up thinking it was a 'ritzy' place (i.e. the name), but arrived to find practically everyone else in jeans. DOH! O well, it was still nice to dress up and have a pleasant dinner/date with your wife.

Sunday we both woke up around 9am with sore throats so I made some NeoCitron which proceeded to knock both of us right out til later after 12. Really did nothing on Sunday that I can remember except playing LoZ:Wind Waker and watch tv.

Monday we both called in sick. Took it easy at home. Neither of us are feeling 100% better today, but what can you do. The world keeps on spinning.

Friday, January 20, 2006

3 Haikus

It's Friday and the
Day is almost over now,
Time to get some grub!

I'm so glad the week
Has come to it's completetion.
I love the weekend.

My most favourite
Person I shall spend all my
Time with for two days.

Lyrics: Dischords by Lagwagon

Silent again

When spoken there is friction and conflict
Why do we rub each other wrong
Maybe we've known each other too well for too long
You and I have heard each other's speech before

Are these words that I've said
The same words that you've heard
We can only agree to disagree in disharmony

Is it too much likeness or indifference
Well the answers in the question isn't it
The deepest cut of all comes from a trusted friend
But I'm sick of it all I can't listen
I wish that all of it would end

You cut me off
I cut you down, down
Rated words

Are these words that I've said
The same words that you've heard
We can only agree to disagree in disharmony

Let's stop repeating the lesson
We've been through thick n' thin
I consider you a friend
Though it's hard for me to show
Everytime you hear this song you'll know
It's not just the business
We know much more exists
Let's end the bad notes and the dischords
Retune our attitudes and realize a personal reward

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

My sister-in-law works in the same office

[MSN conversation at 3:45 pm, Jan. 17]

James says: so your sister just came in to my office and began humping the air. what should I do?

Ferda says: ewww... tell her to get out.

My own worst enemy

For as long as I can remember, I have had an enemy follow me throughout most of my life. He is big, ugly, and rears his nasty face everytime I need to get something done. Thats right:

His name is Procrastination.

I can recall countless times when I have needed to get something done, whether it was an academic or career task, and I've managed to put it off to nearly the last minute. Now I'm not saying I never get around to it. I can recall that all of my tasks have been completed (except for one time in grade 7, but that's another story). Perhaps I don't come up with top-shelf quality work at the last minute, but at least it's done. And it's always good enough - just not above satisfactory.

During my history, I've had many distractions that keep my from my duties: TV, movies, video games, internet (specifically and currently this blog), food, sports... the list goes on and on. I think the most devastating one on the list is food. Man, I tell you, when I am procrastinating, I could eat everything in the house. It's a pretty good excuse my subconscience has. Here, let me play it out for you:

Me: Man, I'm hungry. I can't work like this on an empty stomach.
Brain: Yeah, that's right. Get something to eat. You can get back to work once you are full.
Me: Geez, a whole pizza and still hungry, better eat something else...
Brain: That's it - I'll function better for you once you are full. Nah, better stay away from those carrots and bananas, go for the chocolate.

It goes on like this for a while... I guess it's not really a problem, since it all works out in the end. But I do recognize that it's not healthy, and not the best way to get things done.

Things that are currently being procrastinated:

  • Work: I need to call A/R depts of couple different companies about outstanding invoices - but I hate talking to CSR's (see: Ughh)
  • Work: I need to do some analysis on the taxable payments file before we issue T4A's in Februrary - incredibly dry and boring
  • School: Stats assignment #1 for Thursday night. Should take about three hours, I plan to do it during the day on Thurs
  • School: For tonight's French course, we need to decide on a topic within french culture for a 10 minute, oral presentation - so far I've got french wines, but that's so booorrrrriiinng.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Conversation from Ryan's moose cook-off

While playing Mario Party, Ryan pulled out an ancient book full of codes for games on the old NES (that's Nintendo Entertainment System). I'm sure back in it's day, it was a pretty sweet book. It had full maps and walkthroughs for classics like Zelda, Ninja Turltes, Castlevania, and Contra. This is what was said when the subject of Contra was brought up:

Eric: Do you remember the code for max ammo in Contra?
Ryan: Of course I do! Its...
Both Eric and Ryan in PERFECT unison: Up up down down left right left right A B Select!

It was beautiful to see such a great example of nerds reminiscing video game codes from 15 years ago! ;-)

It later reminded me of the Comic Book Guy from The Simpsons; Worst.Blogpost.Ever!

Monday, January 16, 2006

Review: Weekend Jan. 14-15

'Sup people?!

So, seems as if you are reading this, then that means you tuned in to super_ap to get your weekly review of what the Pimpson's did for their weekend. I don't want to disappoint, so let's get into it. Friday: Ferda got stuck at work til almost six. BOO-URNS. Since we car-pooled, that meant I was stuck too. I sat at my desk reading a new blog (new to me) that I found: Tucker Max. Very funny; very gross. Enough said. We finally got home about 6:20, changed out of work clothes, packed up some wine and the gamecube and started the 35 minute drive to Ryan's place. Damn it sucks living in Barrhaven and having friends in Orleans. First time seeing his new place, we missed his open house xmas party when we were in Cuba. Very nice place. He's done some interesting things with paint, something we will have to do come spring/summer of this year. I'm tired of off-white walls. Ryan and his new room-mate Mike make moose stew, bison pasta, with a side of moose pepperettes. MMMM, good. Before that night, we were both moose virgins. I was happy to loose my moose virginity at Ryan's house. I mean, might as well be someone you are comfortable with for your first time, right?

We stayed at Ryan's til late, about 2:30. Others in attendance: Vero (of course), Eric and Annie, and SHMO. For those of you who don't know SHMO, it's Shannon and Maureen, they are getting married sometime this summer, I think June perhaps? (could be wrong) Anway, finished the night in the basement playing music and recording ourselves on Ryan's new digital multitracker. Pretty cool little device. Ferda sang Here Without You (Baby) and I sang some Metallica song that I forget the name of right now. I'm sure Ryan will make mp3's out of the recordings and post them up for your listening enjoyment.

Saturday: Got up and went to Loblaws and did some shopping. Nothing says good times like being in Loblaws first this Saturday morning. It's the busiest place on earth. After all the joy from my life was successfully removed, we went to CU and played some indoor ultimate. Yoohoo! Joy restored! We have joined an intramural team for the winter, should be fun. Some experienced players on this team. After cleaning up, we prepared dinner for Heather and JamesMo (aka HandJ). We made spinach salad, homemade mac & cheese, and sundried tomato marinated chicken breasts. Mmmmm. Ferda is a great cook, I am SO lucky. For dessert we had mille-fuile (sp?) that we had picked up from Loblaws that morning. We hung out, chatted, goofed off, and watched a dvd-series we borrowed from Ryan called SeaLab 2021. Weird stuff. Can't really explain this, but it was weird. And funny at points.

Sunday morning, just as Ferda was leaving to meet HP for a movie (Tristan & Isolde), I hit the button for the garage door so she could get her car out, and suddenly my afternoon was ruined. You see, the bottom of the garage door was frozen to the ground with ice. Of course I didn't know this before I hit the button, so the motor makes this sound: "GRRRR... whack, crack, BOOM!" Suddenly I turn into Mr. Action Handyman, disconnect the door from the motor assembly, and Ferda gets her hairdryer and we start to melt the ice to free the door. A few curse words and minutes later, voila, Door is open. So Ferda left and I got to work. The door was broken, and needed some new, stronger bolts to put it back together. So I left for my favourite store, Home Depot, got the bolts I wanted, and some new salt. After getting home, I salted up that part of the driveway real good, and took apart the door, then re-assembled it with the new nuts and bolts I got. Re cemented this one part that came un-done, and it was fixed. By the time I was done, I was FREEZING. So I went in, and sat by the gas fireplace and ate some leftovers from the night before. Once I was warm enough to move my fingers, it was Zelda: Wind Waker time. I borrowed this game from WY and have been addicted ever since. Even Ferda's gotten into it. Truly an awesome game; progressed a bit through it until my dad arrived. He brought up a chest of drawers that he made and he and I placed it in the spare bedroom. Very nice wood work he has been doing lately. Our house now has 4 pieces from the John Simpson Collection: a double bed frame, a nice side/coffee-table, a custom sit-down-and-tie-your-shoes bench with duel storage bins, and the new chest of drawers. He says he's starting up a new, similar chest for his house. The three of us went for dinner to Efes Restaurant. A new, small, Turkish place on Preston. Very tasty. (Thanks for coming with us Dad!) Ended Sunday night with the mandatory watching of Desperate Housewives.

Friday, January 13, 2006

Lyrics - The Promise by When in Rome

If you need a friend, don't look to a stranger
You know in the end, I'll always be there
And when you're in doubt, and when you're in danger
Take a look all around, and I'll be there

I'm sorry, but I'm just thinking of the right words to say
I know they don't sound the way I planned them to be
But if you'll wait around a while, I'll make you fall for me
I promise
I promise you I will.

When your day is through, and so is your temper
You know what to do, I'm gonna always be there
Sometimes if I shout, it's not what's intended
These words just come out, with no gripe to bear.

I'm sorry, but I'm just thinking of the right words to say
I know they don't sound the way I planned them to be
But if you'll wait around a while, I'll make you fall for me
I promise
I promise you...

[From Napoleon Dynamite OST]

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Another poem from Cuba

I ask if I'm wise
When I awaken
The danger between his thighs,
Or if I'm wrong
When my kisses prepare only a trenchn his throat.

I know that war is probable;
Especially today
Because a red geranium has blossomed open.

Please, don't point your weapons
At the sky:
The sparrows are terrorised,
And it's raining, the meadows are ruminating.
Please, you'll melt the moon,
The only night light of the poor.

It's not that I'm afraid,
Or a coward,
I'd do everything for my homeland;
But don't argue so much over your nuclear missiles,
Because something horrible is happening
And I haven't had time enough to love.

[This was also placed on our bed one night while we were at dinner. I swear, we laughed for an hour after reading this one. To be honest, I still can't read through the whole thing without laughing out loud. Also - please note I have copied the poems exactly as they were written; no spelling mistakes were corrected]


Yesterday, I dreamt that while we were kissing
A shooting star exploited
And neither of us gave up hope.
This love of ours
Belongs to no one;
We found it lost,
In the street.
Between us we saved it, sheltered it.
Because of that, when we swallow each other
In the night,
I feel like a frightened mother left alone.
It does not matter,
Kiss me again and over again
To come to me.
Press yourself against my waist,
Come to me again.

[This poem was left on our bed one night at our hotel in Cuba. We went for dinner, then came back to the room after to find this piece of work there. We must have laughed for about twenty minutes straight. I suppose the Spanish-to-English translation doesn't really work here...]

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

My top 5 favourite Homer Simpson quotes:

Homer: Weaseling out of things is important to learn. It's what separates us from the animals ... except the weasel.

Bart: Dad, what's a Muppet?
Homer: Well, it's not quite a mop, not quite a puppet, but man... (laughs, then pauses) So, to answer you question, I don't know.

Homer: How is education supposed to make me feel smarter? Besides, every time I learn something new, it pushes some old stuff out of my brain. Remember when I took that home winemaking course, and I forgot how to drive?
Marge: That's because you were drunk!

Homer: There's your giraffe, little girl.
Ralph Wiggum: I'm a boy.
Homer: That's the spirit. Never give up.

Homer: Got any of that beer that has candy floating in it? You know, Skittlebrau?
Apu: Such a beer does not exist, sir. I think you must have dreamed it.
Homer: Oh. Well, then just give me a six-pack and a couple of bags of Skittles.

Monday, January 09, 2006

Top 100 Things to do in Canada

So here's an interesting article from the National Post: Canada's top 100 trips.

I've currently completed about 22 from this list. Some only partially. How many have you done?

Review: 1st weekend of 2006

S'up party people? Throw yo motherfuckin' hands in the air. Wave 'em 'round like ya just don't care. Don't have much to say today bitchez, just wanted to catch y'all up on da super_ap's activities of the week-to-tha-end. So sit back, enjoy and relax, new jacks get smacked.

Friday night went out for sum P-to-tha-I-to-tha-double-Z-A and a movie. Oh yeah niggaz, gotta give love to tha homie super_ap fo playing up tha old-school date night. If ya disagree, then I'll slap the taste out yo mouf. Saw the King Kong movie, pretty damn good. Holla to ma brothas on the West Side, they'd love this movie for realz, represent! I'd give it 4 fly hunnies outta five. Whoever it was that got in that giant monkey suit gotz mad skills. Those whack crackas in Hollywood don't know sheeit. All other fools be trippin', you know I'm talking about you, Brangelina. Ended Friday night with some gamecube playin' with Ferds, WY, and Sandra, Gordon, Alex, Co & Mel. Multiplaya mayhem is how I like ta roll.

Saturday we kicked it live at tha crib. Maxin' and relaxin', chillin' like a villain, you know how we do it. Later that night, Alex and HP came over for some more gamin' action. Y'all know real niggas just don't give a fizzuck.

Before the game started, I sayz to 'em all: "Listen fools, y'all know I'm taking Mario. We is tight, like 50 and the Game used to be, back in tha day befoe all that bullshit on MTV."

HP steps back and shouts, "Hey, no calling guys ahead of time! Thats crap!"

I stood up and said softly like a stone-cold murderer, "Who you tryin' ta get crazy with esse? Don't you know I'm locco?" I pulled out tha staple-remova of death and flashed her some cold-ass steel.

"Okay. Okay James, you can have Mario. Let's not do something we'd regret."

Yea, that's right. Sit down and show your respect to tha Godfather. Good times dawg.

But then later, she starts trippin' and shoutin': "That's fuckin' karma baby!" All the homies lost it at that point. Hilarity to tha max.

Sunday was a breeze cuz it flew by too fast. Went for a skate on the Rideau Canal, great times, lots of fun. Picked a dvd from RogersVideo, Wedding Crashers, pretty damn funny. Boom bam as I step in the jam, God damn.

Peace to my niggas, super_ap out.

As per usual, all names and events are fictional (not really).

Friday, January 06, 2006

super_ap in the stylings of H. Kornfeld

'Sup G's, check it out: there's a numbah of thangs that rock my casbar the wrong fukkin' way. And itz about time I laid it all down for ya bitchez, Booyakasha!

Numbah 1: The super_ap is hardcore for officin', y'all know it; gimmie that 5-day grind, and I'm happier than a pig in sheeit. But y'all know those playa-hata's who be limpin' around the office like three-toed sloths, complainin' about 'how much work they got', and 'what a long day', and ma least favourite is when someone sayz to me: 'happy hump day.' Fo some reason, they only do this on Wednesdayz but I don't fukkin' get it. I ain't NEVER bin humped at work befoe.

Thatz fo real. Wiggity-whack, you betta check yourself befo ya wreck yourself.

Numbah 2: Don't come 'round ma office and aks me if you can borrow my pen. I mean, what the fizzy do I look like?! The supply cabinet is over there, asshole. For example, 'John' was at the office copier and I guess he needed to write something. Stupid punk came into da super_ap's office and reached for ma Pilot 0.5 VBall Grip Extra Fine green pen. I stood up quick: "What? What! What? WHAT?! You wanna step outside, biatch!? Throw yo guns in the motherfuckin' air!"

'John' musta shit his pants. "James, I... uh... just... er.. want to... er... borrow a pen."

"Right, whateva dawg," as I passed him my pen, "but reach fo da super_ap's pen again, motha-fukka, and I'll getchya with the staple-remova of death. That'z right, fool."

Ain't no stoppin' this shit, nigga.

Numbah 3: Anotha thang that rubs me the wrong way is when people send in their Cheque Requisitions, Release of Goods forms, or Purchase Order Requisitons and they haven't filled it out right. Niggaz betta recognize I don't have time for this shizzle. For reals, I've seen 'em missing ID numbahs, incomplete addresses, even incorrect account codes. For crying out loud, the homies in Finance created those account codes for a reason foo, use 'em!

I tell ya, it dont stop till the wheels fall off.

Numbah 4: The otha morning, those whack 'tards from the Accountin' section musta had a birthday cake in for someone, or something, cuz they be singing an' laughin'. Meanwhile, me and the boos in Accountz Payable are about ready to bust some caps, if ya know what da super_ap be talking about.

Shit's about to get ugly, betta duck yo head. Damn.

That's all I got to say about that. It's been a Slice, or a Yoohoo, or whateva. Keep it real, homies, super_ap out.

Thanks go to Palmer and the H-Dawg himself for the inspiration. Also, all names and events are fictional.

Please don't sue me David Letterman

... and the number one reason why federal employees shouldn't be given webcams is...

Just kidding Ryan.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

This morning, when I put on my pants, I ...

... was in the bedroom. I had just gotten out of the shower. The time was probably 6.45, and the shower felt good because I had just finished 30 minutes on the elliptical machine in the basement. While I burned about 350 calories, I watched SportsCentre on TSN to catch myself up on the scores and highlights from the night before. Some of the greatest replays were Vince Young taking Texas to a big victory at the Rose Bowl over USC. The final score was 41-38. Also - the Raps pushed their winning streak to four games, something that doesn't happen that often.

After pulling on the rest of the day's wardrobe, I descended the stairs into the kitchen to grab a glass of OJ and 1/2 a bagel. 2 minutes later I was lacing up my two boots to head outside and start shoveling. This.Took.Thirty.Long.Minutes. Now I am very tired after completing about 60 minutes of strenuous activity all before 8.30 am.

Now, for the challenge of the day: if you add up all the numbers in the text above, what is the total? Write your answer in the comments.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

New Year Goals

I think it might be one of the most cliché things to do, and truly everyone does it, but I've set some for myself for '06.

You see people talking about it on the 6 o'clock news, you read articles in magazines, you even read... er... ahem... crap on the net about it. But I suppose I am just like everyone else.

My plan is threefold:
  • work harder at the gym by going more often and increasing the intensity and load
  • eat less crap by cutting all junk food and pop, and increasing the good stuff I eat like fruits and veggies
  • and by increasing the amount of cardio I do during the week

I hope this will trim up certain areas and increase overall muscle mass. I suppose I will submit a progress report in a few months.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Review: Cuba

If I were to choose one word to summarize our week long honeymoon in Cuba, it would be: WICKED.

We left Ottawa Saturday morning and headed up to Hawkesbury to meet my dad, where he would then drive us the rest of the way up to Montreal's airport in Dorval. Our check in at the airport took a bit of time, but no worries.

While in the line for the check in, Ferda realized that she had forgotten to pack a hairbrush. So she went over to the little store in the airport and bought one. When she came back I asked:

"So how much was it?"

"30 bucks."

"WHAT?? Are you kidding?? Ohmigod..."

"HA! Gotchya! It was 2.99! Sucka..."

I fell for that one hook, line, and sinker.

Anyway, back to the trip: on the plane on the way down to Cuba, we asked to be upgraded to first class since it was our honeymoon (and they did have empty seats up there anyway). They did, and it was pretty cool. My first time in first class. We got a completely different meal that the rest of the passengers, in fact, there was a menu, and you had the choice of like 4 different meals... not bad.

We landed in a small town called Santa Clara, then took an almost 2 hour bus ride to the resort location. By the time we got there, it was dark. And we spent about 45 minutes walking around trying to find the building our room was in. They had about 20 different buildings with about 12 rooms each, and the pathways and buildings were not labelled very well. Who cares though, by the third day I could have found my way around with my eyes closed.

The resort had good food, great service, very nice grounds, impeccable beaches, and really nice looking pools. We spent our time equally between the beach and the pools. For the first few days, it seemed as though the resort was practically empty. For most of the mornings, there were hardly any people around on the beach or pool deck.

The week went by way too fast - before we knew it we were on the plane coming home. Which is actually an interesting story in itself. This plane didn't even have a first class section, they didn't even have TVs... BUT - the good thing about this plane was that they served Subway for dinner! Woohoo! (I really need to get my priorities in check...)

New Radio in Ottawa

Thanks to Jeff for pointing this out to me, but Ottawa now has a new alt rock radio station which can be found on the dial at 88.5

They've even started slowly on the tv with commercials for live 88.5 - that's the name - they play a varied amount of new and slightly older alternative music. Actually, on the drive into work this morning, I heard the headstones, which I don't think I have heard since high school.

Monday, January 02, 2006

All good things must come to an end

It's over. Back to work. Goodbye Cuba.