Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Am I a geek?

Sure, easy enough question. Without thinking, I immediately answer "no, I'm cool." Heck, even my mom thinks I'm cool. But wait a minute.... ok. Seriously, I think this needs some further analysis.

  • The fact that I just used the word 'analysis' in this blogpost - GEEK
  • The fact that I even have a blog - GEEK
  • The fact that I dated the best looking woman on the planet AND convinced her to marry me - NOT A GEEK
  • I like sports - NOT A GEEK
  • I like video games and own three systems - GEEK
  • I own a CFX-9850Ga Plus Colour Power Graphic Calculator - GEEK
  • I drive a Civic - NOT A GEEK
  • I like to do handy work around the house like install central vac, garage door opener, etc - NOT A GEEK
  • I wish I owned an iPod - GEEK
  • I'm not satisfied with watching tv in only 2 audio channels, it has to be 5.1 - GEEK
  • I want to own a motorcycle and ride with my friends- NOT A GEEK
  • But my wife won't let me - GEEK
  • I'm currently addicted to playing LoZ:WindWaker - GEEK
  • But I've convinced my wife that it's cool, and now she plays too! - NOT A GEEK (for the reason that I was able to convince her that something other than shopping and celeb gossip is cool, jedi-mind-trick style)
  • I think that being able to perform the jedi mind trick would be cool - GEEK
  • When doing my 'business' at home, I'll read the gossip mags left in the bathoom - GEEK
  • I love all movies with Will Ferrel, Vince Vaughan, Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson - NOT A GEEK
  • I've bought most of the dvd's - GEEK

Now, when I total all these up, I get 11 GEEKs and 7 NOT A GEEKs. Doing a small percentage calculation (11/18) I can come to the conclusion that I am 61% geek. I don't know whether to laugh or cry...


jess said...

Don't cry son, you're not a geek.

Matt said...

I say embrace you inner geek, let him loose.

James said...

yeah. at least my mom says I'm not a geek

Palmer said...

Did you do those calculations on that graphic calculator?

Here's an addition:

Thinking that your mom saying you're not a geek makes you not a geek: GEEK

James said...


Ferda said...

also I don't know if owning the DVDs makes you a geek. Wouldn't you be more of a geek if you downloaded them off the internet?

I love you my big geek!

Matt said...

that messes up your stats, did you take standard deviation into account?

James said...

no. I didn't do a standard deviation calc. I didn't think it would be useful considering this is a simple binomial distribution.

Kevin said...

A simple yes/no answer can tell you if you're a geek or not.

What dodgeball team did you play on in highschool, the winners, or the destroyed?

James said...

We always played dodge ball with the grade twelves vs the grade eights. It was a first week/initiation thing. So when I was in grade eight, I was destroyed. But when I was in grade twelve, I was on the winning team.