Thursday, January 12, 2006

Another poem from Cuba

I ask if I'm wise
When I awaken
The danger between his thighs,
Or if I'm wrong
When my kisses prepare only a trenchn his throat.

I know that war is probable;
Especially today
Because a red geranium has blossomed open.

Please, don't point your weapons
At the sky:
The sparrows are terrorised,
And it's raining, the meadows are ruminating.
Please, you'll melt the moon,
The only night light of the poor.

It's not that I'm afraid,
Or a coward,
I'd do everything for my homeland;
But don't argue so much over your nuclear missiles,
Because something horrible is happening
And I haven't had time enough to love.

[This was also placed on our bed one night while we were at dinner. I swear, we laughed for an hour after reading this one. To be honest, I still can't read through the whole thing without laughing out loud. Also - please note I have copied the poems exactly as they were written; no spelling mistakes were corrected]

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Palmer said...

Man, I have my idea for V-Day now!