Monday, January 30, 2006

Bloggers meet for dinner; minimal hilarity ensues...

So Saturday night was Mel's bday dinner. About 30 of us went to Red Peppers on Somerset for tasty thai food. We were at that restaurant for nearly 4 hours. Bloggers in attendance: super_ap, Mel, Mike G, Matt, Dish, and of course many un-bloggers. Besides the creation of some new holly-isms (vertically versus horizontally sliced onions, does cake give you cavities - perhaps it's time for a new form for displaying holly-isms, even though there is rumors of a holly-isms song coming out this year), there really isn't any funny stories to tell. Of course, I could have missed them, it was a big restaurant, so check out the other sites to see what they have to say on the night.

For the rest of my weekend, LoZ: WindWaker was beaten, the house was cleaned, a movie was watched, and an ultimate game was won.

That is all.

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