Wednesday, January 18, 2006

My own worst enemy

For as long as I can remember, I have had an enemy follow me throughout most of my life. He is big, ugly, and rears his nasty face everytime I need to get something done. Thats right:

His name is Procrastination.

I can recall countless times when I have needed to get something done, whether it was an academic or career task, and I've managed to put it off to nearly the last minute. Now I'm not saying I never get around to it. I can recall that all of my tasks have been completed (except for one time in grade 7, but that's another story). Perhaps I don't come up with top-shelf quality work at the last minute, but at least it's done. And it's always good enough - just not above satisfactory.

During my history, I've had many distractions that keep my from my duties: TV, movies, video games, internet (specifically and currently this blog), food, sports... the list goes on and on. I think the most devastating one on the list is food. Man, I tell you, when I am procrastinating, I could eat everything in the house. It's a pretty good excuse my subconscience has. Here, let me play it out for you:

Me: Man, I'm hungry. I can't work like this on an empty stomach.
Brain: Yeah, that's right. Get something to eat. You can get back to work once you are full.
Me: Geez, a whole pizza and still hungry, better eat something else...
Brain: That's it - I'll function better for you once you are full. Nah, better stay away from those carrots and bananas, go for the chocolate.

It goes on like this for a while... I guess it's not really a problem, since it all works out in the end. But I do recognize that it's not healthy, and not the best way to get things done.

Things that are currently being procrastinated:

  • Work: I need to call A/R depts of couple different companies about outstanding invoices - but I hate talking to CSR's (see: Ughh)
  • Work: I need to do some analysis on the taxable payments file before we issue T4A's in Februrary - incredibly dry and boring
  • School: Stats assignment #1 for Thursday night. Should take about three hours, I plan to do it during the day on Thurs
  • School: For tonight's French course, we need to decide on a topic within french culture for a 10 minute, oral presentation - so far I've got french wines, but that's so booorrrrriiinng.


Kevin said...

Better idea for french culture topic... hockey!

I mean, a perfect example of it is the opening from the movie Slapshot, that goalie is your typical frenchman through and through.

And c'mon, hockey SO beats wine!

Anon said...

I believe Kevin is a silly poo head.

Dish said...

Maybe this is only interesting to me, coming from a nutritional perspective, but one of the new focuses on French culture is how they all manage to eat those tasty croissants, drink wine, smoke and never get fat, whereas practically everyone in the US in bordering on obesity. :o) There's even a diet book out there now called "French Girls Don't Get Fat" and a variety of internet articles...just a thought.

James said...

that's a good idea. but I wouldn't want to offend any of the fat chicks in my class..

Palmer said...

No fat chicks!

Matt said...

They might just be in french class to lose weight.

James said...

burn. or as they say in french, flamme.