Wednesday, January 04, 2006

New Year Goals

I think it might be one of the most cliché things to do, and truly everyone does it, but I've set some for myself for '06.

You see people talking about it on the 6 o'clock news, you read articles in magazines, you even read... er... ahem... crap on the net about it. But I suppose I am just like everyone else.

My plan is threefold:
  • work harder at the gym by going more often and increasing the intensity and load
  • eat less crap by cutting all junk food and pop, and increasing the good stuff I eat like fruits and veggies
  • and by increasing the amount of cardio I do during the week

I hope this will trim up certain areas and increase overall muscle mass. I suppose I will submit a progress report in a few months.


Palmer said...

But what about the fun stuff? (well I suppose you find the gym fun...)

But what about:

- how many foreign films you will watch
- beating your old high score of Super Mario Bros.
- seeing how fast you can shovel the driveway, then beating that record!
- making sure you catch a Hollyism at least once a month.

James said...

I'm working on some video games. And of course finishing off my courses at CU. So close now, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

It's brilliant.

Palmer said...

How many more courses?

James said...

3 course. 3 hours each on tuesday, wednesday, and thursday nights. only 3 months of it.

wow. that came across kinda biblical.

Anonymous said...

Holly's New Years Resolution!
1.) Being babealicious by summer
2.) Beat James's ass at Mario Party by becoming Mario and of course #1 (Seeing as Ferdao and Big Red are no challenge!);-P
3.) Cut back on my Hollyisms as much as possible!