Monday, January 09, 2006

Review: 1st weekend of 2006

S'up party people? Throw yo motherfuckin' hands in the air. Wave 'em 'round like ya just don't care. Don't have much to say today bitchez, just wanted to catch y'all up on da super_ap's activities of the week-to-tha-end. So sit back, enjoy and relax, new jacks get smacked.

Friday night went out for sum P-to-tha-I-to-tha-double-Z-A and a movie. Oh yeah niggaz, gotta give love to tha homie super_ap fo playing up tha old-school date night. If ya disagree, then I'll slap the taste out yo mouf. Saw the King Kong movie, pretty damn good. Holla to ma brothas on the West Side, they'd love this movie for realz, represent! I'd give it 4 fly hunnies outta five. Whoever it was that got in that giant monkey suit gotz mad skills. Those whack crackas in Hollywood don't know sheeit. All other fools be trippin', you know I'm talking about you, Brangelina. Ended Friday night with some gamecube playin' with Ferds, WY, and Sandra, Gordon, Alex, Co & Mel. Multiplaya mayhem is how I like ta roll.

Saturday we kicked it live at tha crib. Maxin' and relaxin', chillin' like a villain, you know how we do it. Later that night, Alex and HP came over for some more gamin' action. Y'all know real niggas just don't give a fizzuck.

Before the game started, I sayz to 'em all: "Listen fools, y'all know I'm taking Mario. We is tight, like 50 and the Game used to be, back in tha day befoe all that bullshit on MTV."

HP steps back and shouts, "Hey, no calling guys ahead of time! Thats crap!"

I stood up and said softly like a stone-cold murderer, "Who you tryin' ta get crazy with esse? Don't you know I'm locco?" I pulled out tha staple-remova of death and flashed her some cold-ass steel.

"Okay. Okay James, you can have Mario. Let's not do something we'd regret."

Yea, that's right. Sit down and show your respect to tha Godfather. Good times dawg.

But then later, she starts trippin' and shoutin': "That's fuckin' karma baby!" All the homies lost it at that point. Hilarity to tha max.

Sunday was a breeze cuz it flew by too fast. Went for a skate on the Rideau Canal, great times, lots of fun. Picked a dvd from RogersVideo, Wedding Crashers, pretty damn funny. Boom bam as I step in the jam, God damn.

Peace to my niggas, super_ap out.

As per usual, all names and events are fictional (not really).


Kevin said...

When you started with Maxin' and relaxin' I just expected it to continue with:

Sittin' by tha pool. Shootin' some bball outside of da school. When a couple a' guys, who were up to no good, started makin' trouble in ma neighbourhood!

And, I can't wait for you to start representin' at work. That'd be keepin' it realz yo'

Ferda said...

omg that would be so embarrassing...

Artoo said...

The Cinful One and I will definately have to try to drop by for some Mario Par-tay next time. SOunds like you guys has a blast.

It's okay Holly, you can practice at my place next time you have a big game coming up. Had I known we could have prepared you bettah!