Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Review: Cuba

If I were to choose one word to summarize our week long honeymoon in Cuba, it would be: WICKED.

We left Ottawa Saturday morning and headed up to Hawkesbury to meet my dad, where he would then drive us the rest of the way up to Montreal's airport in Dorval. Our check in at the airport took a bit of time, but no worries.

While in the line for the check in, Ferda realized that she had forgotten to pack a hairbrush. So she went over to the little store in the airport and bought one. When she came back I asked:

"So how much was it?"

"30 bucks."

"WHAT?? Are you kidding?? Ohmigod..."

"HA! Gotchya! It was 2.99! Sucka..."

I fell for that one hook, line, and sinker.

Anyway, back to the trip: on the plane on the way down to Cuba, we asked to be upgraded to first class since it was our honeymoon (and they did have empty seats up there anyway). They did, and it was pretty cool. My first time in first class. We got a completely different meal that the rest of the passengers, in fact, there was a menu, and you had the choice of like 4 different meals... not bad.

We landed in a small town called Santa Clara, then took an almost 2 hour bus ride to the resort location. By the time we got there, it was dark. And we spent about 45 minutes walking around trying to find the building our room was in. They had about 20 different buildings with about 12 rooms each, and the pathways and buildings were not labelled very well. Who cares though, by the third day I could have found my way around with my eyes closed.

The resort had good food, great service, very nice grounds, impeccable beaches, and really nice looking pools. We spent our time equally between the beach and the pools. For the first few days, it seemed as though the resort was practically empty. For most of the mornings, there were hardly any people around on the beach or pool deck.

The week went by way too fast - before we knew it we were on the plane coming home. Which is actually an interesting story in itself. This plane didn't even have a first class section, they didn't even have TVs... BUT - the good thing about this plane was that they served Subway for dinner! Woohoo! (I really need to get my priorities in check...)


Ferda said...

sniff... sniff... work sucks and reading this isn't helping since I want to be there right now...

Palmer said...

I know. Reading this makes me want to have Subway also.

James said...


AquariusDragon said...

Ah, back to the grinding stone.... Glad to hear you two had a great honeymoon!

James said...

grinding stone. That's a funny expression, eh?