Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Review: Weekend Jan 20-22

Peace to ma homies on the west side: I know you came out to read what da super_ap was up to on the weekend, so I won't disappoint you.

Friday: Chinese food with 20 of your closest friends. Joelle's bday and Amanda organized the dinner at the Mongolian Grill. It was a surprise, mind you I don't think she was that surprised. Oh well. Great time. We were there for about 3 hours, some of the highlights were:

1) Alex 'Usurper' Hill trying to steal away Ferda and Vero away from me and Ryan respectively. The best was when Ryan called Alex's cell (from 6 feet away) when we saw Alex's arm around Vero.
2) Wet towel fight.
3) Ferda complaining that her plate was too big and she couldn't finish it. Then when she was done, she raised her arms above her head in satisfaction and said proudly:

"I'm done! S-U-C... S-S! Or wait, are there two C's in success?"
Me: "Yeah, but there's also an E."
Her: "DOH!"

4) Just imagine 20 people trying to have a conversation in a small restaurant. We were so loud, we got so many nasty looks from others trying to enjoy there dinners. It was awesome!

Later that night, the dinner crowd shrunk and became the kareoke crowd. We went to O'Briens on Heron and had a great time. I think the best song was Mel and Alex singing You and me baby, ain't nothing but mamals, so let's do it like they do on the Discovery Channel. Also I heard that it was pretty funny when Dave, Sean and I sang Total Eclipse of the Heart, but I bet it sucked.

Saturday it snowed about 15cms. We played our first ulty game with the intramural team, went well. Good group. Won 11-3. Back at home in the afternoon we cleaned up the house: vaccuuming, cleaning, dishes, laundry, the works. For dinner we had reservations at Canal Ritz. First time for both of us there. We got quite dressed up thinking it was a 'ritzy' place (i.e. the name), but arrived to find practically everyone else in jeans. DOH! O well, it was still nice to dress up and have a pleasant dinner/date with your wife.

Sunday we both woke up around 9am with sore throats so I made some NeoCitron which proceeded to knock both of us right out til later after 12. Really did nothing on Sunday that I can remember except playing LoZ:Wind Waker and watch tv.

Monday we both called in sick. Took it easy at home. Neither of us are feeling 100% better today, but what can you do. The world keeps on spinning.


Ferda said...

I am so smart S-M-R-T

James said...


Palmer said...


I want to try and find the Zelda Collector's Edition for Gamecube which has the original Nintendo games.

I haven't tried Windmaker, but I remember Link To The Past on SNES being the best Zelda EVER.

James said...

The Ocarina of Time on N64 was pretty freaking sweet too. Truly, the newer games on the newer systems blow the SNES and NES out of the water.

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