Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Six degrees of Kevin Bacon

According to myheritage.com - where I used this photo:

I resemble the following celebrities:

Stefan Raab - 71%:

Russell Crowe - 62%:

Antonio Banderas - 60%:

Will Smith - 60%:

Kurt Russell - 58%:

Kevin Bacon - 56%:

[thanks to Kevin for pointing this out!]


James said...

this post was pretty much pointless. I'm not sure what it proved.

AquariusDragon said...

I can't quite see the resemblance between you and Antonio B. Perhaps you should pose like him and dress in the same manner... LOL! That might help me to see the resemblance a little more clearly.

iBenoit said...

There is a french comedian by the name of Jamel Debouze which should have entered the picture if this was an international celeberties software.

Google his name. Some images are pretty close to your pic.

James said...

this guy?

James said...

wait a sec...

he's a midget?

Palmer said...


James said...

so Artoo - are you saying I'm short in stature?

Or perhaps you are trying to say I'm short in character?

which is it? huh?

iBenoit said...

He's not a midget. He's 5 foot 1 or something... :)

Does this help?

iBenoit said...

I have a policy never to discuss a man's shortcomings.