Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Better late than never:

Weekend review: March 25-26

Friday night: We had originally planned to go see the Vendetta movie, but that fell through since we were pretty tired. Instead, HP came over and we taught her Mario Baseball, then as usual, the 3 of us played some Mario Party. Of course, you can't have Holly over without getting a new Holly-ism, so here it is:

Holly: You know what movie I really want to see? Catapult.
Ferda & James: Umm, never heard of it, o well.
[time passes...]
James: Holly? Did you mean Capote a second ago?

Saturday: Went and saw Pinar's new appartment. She's got a new roomie too. She seems happy so thats whats important. We took some watermelon over there for the 3 of us to eat. Lately, we've been having a lot of watermelon. After eating and checking out the appartment, we went to Old Navy for some shopping. I got a couple new shirts that were on sale, and for once, Ferda didn't buy anything. HA!

Later that night, Kelley and Lee came over for dinner. It was fun, we chatted, played some Gamecube. They left around midnight since Kelley had to get up early to take a friend to the Canadian Idol tryouts the next morning. The same one Warren happened to be working at.

Sunday: Slept in, watched Corrie Street, then went to Mel's to help her and Mike move into their new house! Was a pretty easy move actually, they didn't have any big stuff, and they had LOTS of helpers which is good. We got home before dinner and veg'd for the rest of the day!


Ferda said...

Catapult! hah classic

Palmer said...

V For Vendetta...ammmmmaaaaazzzinggg.

James said...

We are now planning on seeing that movie this Friday with JamesMo and Heather.