Wednesday, March 22, 2006

How to tell things are back to normal?

Easy question...

We played two, 9 inning games of Mario Baseball last night and Ferda whooped me as usual. I swear, she can hit a homer with any of the characters, even scrawny little Toad.

My favourite comment referring to the characters she got when we randomly selected teams:

Ferda: Ahh crap! I got the wing-ed guy AND the non-wing-ed guy!?

She was talking about Goomba and his cousin, flying Goomba.


Palmer said...

Get yo' names straight!

Good to hear that you can see the TV by now.

Ferda said...

those 2 suck! they don't even have arms I don't know how they're holding up their bats! Also they suck on the field as well. Useless those 2 are I tell ya. Danged Winged and non-winged!

Artoo said...

James, now you can blame her whooping yo'ass on her bionic eyes!

James said...

She's a video gaming machine now. She's doesn't even need to blink!