Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Newest time waster

So last Friday night Duncan and Matt came over for some Mario Party 7 action. Good times were had as usual. Matt won if I remember correctly. We'll have to do it again sometime guys.

Matt brought with him the first two discs of the series Lost. We watched both discs on Saturday after our ultimate game. We're hooked. I borrowed the remainder of the set from HandJ on Monday after work. That night we watched another 4 episodes, and last night we watched 3 episodes.

Soon enough we'll finish the season. Then I suppose we'll have to wait for season two to be released. I guess in the meantime we can go back to watching 24.

At the tail-end of last week, we also bought Mario Superstar Baseball for the Gamecube. It's really fun, but we haven't played for a couple days since Lost has been monopolizing our time. Ferda's really good at the baseball game; she can hit a homerun with almost all of the players. I can only knock it out of the park with Donkey-Kong.

Speaking of Kong: lately I've had a quote from Clone High stuck in my head. It's from when Ghandi smokes raisins and goes on a journey through his subconscious where he meets Geldazar.

Geldazar: "Hello Ghandi. My name is Geldazar, and I am a honkeycorn. Part hummingbird, part unicorn, and part donkey. If you can rescue the princess from the stereotypical Australian dragon, then she shall thrice lay you."


James said...

The best part is when Ghandi rescues the princess, and in fact the princess IS Geldazar (who is ugly as sin).

So she's like: "So, shall we lay thrice now... or what?"

And he's like totally disgusted: "Ughh, I just ate. And I read somewhere that you shouldn't lay thrice just after eating."

Ferda said...

hahaha I love when you imitate princess geldezar. We should get that on audio and post it!

Palmer said...

Do you have internet at home?

I currently download my tv shows. could do that for Season 2 of Lost.

Ferda said...

no internet, no computer at home.

Matt said...

Mario party was great.
Pizza was equally great.

You need to toss those DVD's off to another un-suspecting victim, the Lost addiction plague will spread....

James said...

I think we will spread the plague.

Matt said...

Yay spam.... :-Z