Monday, March 06, 2006

Simpsons' Trivia- March 6, 2006

In Lisa the Tree Hugger, a Thai restaurant owner tells Bart not to be a "coward like a shrimp," but be "brave like" what?

A. Shark fin
B. Prawn
C. Clam
D. Water chestnut


On a Simpsons related note I found this awesome intro for the real life Simpsons. Check it out!


James said...

B - prawn.

Great video Ferda! Good find.

Kevin said...

I'm going to go with Clam... clams are brave.

And is there actually a real life Simpsons being made..?

Matt said...

No real life simpsons, just the intro.
They worked on it for months.

Kevin said...

Must have... the attention to detail is impressive!

Ferda said...

The correct answer to this one is B. Prawn

Congratulations James! You win a big smooch from me when I see you at French tutorial today ;)