Thursday, March 02, 2006

A Wednesday in the life of Mr. & Mrs. Simpson

We slept through the night which is nice because James usually gets up and flops around like a fish in the middle of the night sometimes and I want to wring his neck.

We both got up around 7:00. James took a shower and I went to the basement to watch some Saved by the Bell on TBS and do some cardio on the elliptical. I haven't worked out at all in ages. I've been sick for quite some time this winter and I didn't really feel up to it before yesterday. I could only do about 10 minutes which I know sucks but I figure I'll be able to ramp it up. I'll do 15 minutes tonight and 20 the next day 25 the next and so on... There was a time in my life where I'd work out for an hour and do 500 crunches daily. I wonder if I'll ever be able to do that again. This was of course when I wasn't working and had the luxury of time on my hands!

I took a shower and got dressed and came downstairs to find that James had prepared bacon-egg and cheese muffin sandwiches. We each had 1.5. Phew! Boy am I ever glad I spent those 10 minutes on the elliptical. HAH!

We then carpooled into work. Well, I went into work and James went to the Southway Inn for a leadership course he's taking through work. He's there today as well. I can't remember if it's on tomorrow as well or not... hmmmm...

Work was ok same old same old. We all attended a webinar during lunch and we feasted on some Gabriel's pizza - only the best pizza in Ottawa! So that was a bonus.

James picked me up from work around 4:30 and we went to Carleton for our French course at 5:30.

Class was pretty good. It's always such a hassle to go after 8 hours of work to a class but once you're there it's fun and somewhat entertaining because we all suck and we all try and speak French and make fools of ourselves. It's great! In all fairness though I've noticed a definite improvement in both my and James' French so I'm pleased that we're actually getting something out of it. Every week someone will do a presentation on a topic related to French culture. So it could be pretty much anything. This week we had presentations on French Cinema, the cemetary in Paris where Jim Morrison's tomb is and Andre Boisclair who leads the Quebec provincial party is young, hot, homosexual and is fond of cocaine... oh did I mention he's hot! James did his presentation on the French national soccer team. I'll be doing mine on Asterix. I think mine is on the 15th. Crap is that next week?!?! Nevermind, I see I have 2 more weeks, phew!

After the presentation in French class we practiced our dialogue. We went through a conversation talking about what our favourite restaurants are. This was such a bad idea as we were both so hungry at this point. After class James convinced me we absolutely had to go to Kanata so we could have ribs at Baton Rouge. In his defence though I didn't put up that much of a fight. So we both had a dinner of ribs and all-dressed baked potato (mmmm sooo good!) at Baton Rouge for dinner at around 9:00 PM. In hindsight this was not such a good idea since it was quite a late dinner and I think was the reason why we both had trouble sleeping last night.

After dinner we came home watched some HGTV and James fell asleep on my lap so I woke him up and we went upstairs, brushed our teeth and went to bed.

So I guess that wraps up our Wednesday. Not super exciting but somewhat eventful.


Ferda said...

Ok Gabriel's is not the best pizza in Ottawa. It's the best for ordering but the BEST is Loui's on MacArthur. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Palmer said...

Did you know that there is Baton Rouge downtown Ottawa? That may have saved a jaunt out to Kanata. It opened in December.

Kevin said...

Les aventures d'Asterix et Obelix ROCK! It's one of the only things I can remember from my 6 years of french immersion in high school.

pollcrazy said...

I don't like ribs and the have great ribs at Baton Rouge!

Ferda said...

they were definitely delicious!

Kevin, I'm trying to get some books and maybe a DVD to show in class but frigging OPL site is not working for me... grrrr
I think it will be a fun presentation. J'aime Les aventures d'Asterix et Obelix aussi!

Ferda said...

Ryan: I knew that there was one downtown but I had no idea where and there was no point in driving around figuring it out. It all worked out in the end. Next time we'll try the downtown location.

James said...

yep. all that dead meat in my belly made sleeping difficult, that's for sure.

Oh well. These lessons about not eating late are hard to learn.

Kevin said...

Ferda, I'll see what I can do about getting you a movie. Just checked out some torrent sites and it looks like we're not the only ones who have enjoyed les aventures!!

If I can come up with anything this weekend I'll pass it to James on Monday.

Kevin said...

Great news! And crummy news.

Good news: Found an Asterix et Obelix movie and downloaded it.

Crummy news: It's the live action one and not the cartoon =(.

I'll burn it to DVD and should have it to give to James on Tuesday... Hope that's ok!

Ferda said...

Kevin you rock! Thank you so much. I ordered some books from the library as well so I'll pass those along during my presentation on the 22nd.