Thursday, April 13, 2006

Simpsons Trivia - April 13, 2006

In Brawl in the Family, Millhouse wonders why he doesn't get a social worker, since he has what?

A. Stigmata
B. Two crazy dads
C. Revenge fantasies
D. Social problems

Memorable quote from this episode:

Wiggum: Nice work, Brenda. I'll take it from here.
Robot: No way. This is my collar. :wiggum turns robot off:
Wiggum: Heh. Too bad real women don't come with these, huh?
Homer: Hehehe, you got that right.
Wiggum: Quiet you. That counts as your phone call.

One more:

Marge: Homer?
Homer: Marge? You're speaking to me!?
Marge: Why don't you come inside and we'll talk?
Homer: About what? Sports? Bigamy?
Marge: Bigamy.
Homer: Not a sports fan, huh?


AquariusDragon said...

I pick A.

James said...

B: 2 crazy dads.

I like the 2nd quote: Not a sports fan, huh?

Matt said...

I guess D

Ferda said...

go Mel! It is indeed A. Stigmata