Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Simpsons Trivia - April 5, 2006

In Tales from the Public Domain, according to the King of Troy (Ned Flanders), people will think of Trojans when they get what?

A. Gifts with people inside
B. Beaten in college football
C. Naked with other people's wives
D. Wood


Memorable quote from this episode:

Homer: Homer's Odyssey. Is this about that mini-van I rented once?
Lisa: No, Dad, it's an epic tale from ancient Greece.
Homer: That mini-van had the biggest cup holders. And change slots for every coin. From penny to quarter.
Bart: Dad, I loved it too. But it was seven years ago!


Jen said...

D. Wood

Kevin said...



James said...

I'm for C.

jamesmo's assignment is le crud said...


Ferda said...

the answer we were looking for was D. Wood.

Congratulations you've reached jen and jamesmo's assignment is le crud!