Thursday, April 06, 2006

Simpsons Trivia - April 6, 2006

In The Lastest Gun in the West, according to Lisa, Ralph Wiggum thinks a pinecone is what?

A. His baby brother
B. The Pillsbury Doughboy
C. Mr. Christmas Tree
D. Coney from Coney Island


Memorable quote from this episode:

Wiggum: Uh, please, everyone, stay away. We don't want anyone to be a hero.. a hero... A HERO!
Homer: :picks up phone: Get me Buck McCoy!
Lisa: Dad, I'm on the line.


James said...

I'll say:
C. Mr Christmas Tree

jamesmo is le tired said...

c as well.

Kevin said...

Sticking with the James-Crew, I'll say C.

Ferda said...

you are all wrong

correct answer:
A. His baby brother

boo ya!