Wednesday, April 12, 2006

WWWW: World Wide Web Wednesdays

So here's an interesting find... found this one from looking at the nominations for this year's Webby Awards:

The Boneless Pig Farmers Association of America

I particularly like the pic showing the difference between the Standard American Swine and the Boneless American Swine (latin name is Sus Domesticus Nobonius).

So the BPFAA are (of course) big supporters of the McRib sandwich (and vicey-versa), and the BPFAA links to the Save the McRib Sandwich Tour and Petition.

The point: wasn't this an episode of the Simpsons? I'm pretty sure it was... in fact, I think the same episode featured Lisa in the Spelling B Olympics.



Ferda said...

I will never ever eat a mcRib sandwich - yuk!

James said...

Shouldn't you have wrote:

I will never ever eat a mcRib sandwich AGAIN!

Ferda said...

what are you talking about? I've never had one. You must be mixing me up with your girlfriend or something! AGAIN!

Matt said...

I hear James girlfriend is HOT!!

And has even SHORTER hair!!!

James said...


Dish said...

In the Martimes in the summer you can get McLobster sandwiches. I think that would be worse than McRib.

Ferda said...

James who is the hussy Matt's talking about!


LOL what's next McCaviar?

Matt said...

hus·sy Audio pronunciation of "hussy" ( P ) Pronunciation Key (hz, hs)
n. pl. hus·sies

1. A woman considered brazen or immoral.
2. A saucy or impudent girl.

Hmm, interesting.

James said...

That's Ferda alright.