Tuesday, May 23, 2006

4 days in 5 sentences

After work on Friday we caught The DaVinci Code with HandJ - pretty good movie, stayed true to the book, after the movie we played OK - Turkish style rummy-o with little domino tiles.

Saturday morning got up early and headed south towards Smiths Falls with Mike G for some bachelor party paintball - unfortunately it was rained out but we all went bowling instead in Smiths Falls, later that night we saw MI:3 on a Chinatown special DVD I borrowed from Mike.

Sunday headed up to my cottage to meet my dad - we hung out, ate junk food, and then bbq'd some burgers.

Monday was the day of nothing: played Nintendo, did some chores, and then later met up with Alex and Holly for dinner at their place - we had ribs, lasagna, rice, asparagus... quite the feast.

Good long weekend - hard to get back into the saddle that is work.


Ferda said...

I think every week should have a long weekend. man, that would be so sweet..............

AquariusDragon said...

Those are long sentences but they captured your weekend very well!

James said...

ya - I cheated