Thursday, May 11, 2006

Barrhaven's Finest Part II

So last night we went to M&M's Meat Shop to pick up a few items seeing as the weather is getting warmer, and the bbq season is certainly upon us.

We picked out the usual tasty burgers and opted to try some bacon wrapped top sirloin steaks which were on sale. We asked the young woman behind the counter:

Are these good? Have you tried them before?

Looking down her nose at us, she replied:

No, I haven't. Actually, I don't eat meat.

- - - -

Wow. Way to make smart life choices, bimbo. Why the f*ck would you choose to work at a store with 95% of it's products comprised of meat. Why not work at FarmBoy? Or RogersVideo?

Way to go, moron.


Ferda said...

I liked that you snarkily thanked her for her help on our way out. She certainly wasn't very pleasant.

James said...

Oh, and for your reference, Barrhaven's Finest Part I can be seen here.

Palmer said...

Maybe her boyfriend gets serious discounts there and she loves him so much that she works there for him.

That would be the best girlfriend ever.

It would be the equivalent to Vero working in a brewery. SWEET!

James said...

sweet, indeed.

Palmer said...

Which brings me to another Ferda wife enough to step up to the plate and work at M&M to feed your meat desire?

Ferda said...

if they matched what I make now - which shouldn't be hard! - I'd do it

James said...