Friday, May 26, 2006

Nintendo Head

Following Artoo's suggestions, I bought a DS last week. Since then, I've bought 3 games, MarioKartDS, The New Super Mario Bros, and just last night, Animal Crossing.

We decided we should have some kind of handheld for the trip to London coming up in a few weeks. Turns out, this is coming in handy for many other times: when the tv is being monopoloized for Corrie St., when the game cube is being using for the original Animal Crossing. Even in the car on the way to work!

I really like the New Mario Bros game. I beat really quickly, since I'm a mario wizard and all, but I'm liking going back in and replaying different levels to find the secrets. It's packed full of secret exits and warp pipes. Heck, you can even play as Luigi! Go Luigi! I think what makes this game so great is that it's a simple side scroller, so that makes the learning curve like 0-2 minutes, and that it takes all the things you loved from previous Mario games and throws those features in: like ground pounds, chain and rope climbing, even wall jumps.

The other games are fantastic as well. But I've yet to try out the multiplayer or WiFi (which I'm now calling NiFi). All the places I've taken my DS to try the wireless hasn't been successful: Alex's, Work, I even tried hacking into my neighbours wireless connection, but no luck so far.

I expect the MarioKart and AnimalCrossing games are a must for the multiplayer ability. Perhaps we'll buy another DS when the DS Lite comes out in June so that we can multiplayer it up easily and anywhere.


Artoo said...

Danger, Danger, you are now in a very precarious position. You must control yourselves. So many awsome DS games are available.

Lemme know which ones you are interested in before buying, I've got a good lot and have tried quite a few.

Heck, i'm done with a few and could sell you some if you are looking for specific title. Too bad you bought Animal crossing, I could have sold you my copy as I am done playing.

Mario is not too hard but man is it ever packed with secret spots. so cool!

James said...

Ya, Mario rocks! I'm hoping we'll get a lot of use of Animal Crossing... we both seem to enjoy the GC version a lot.

In terms of other games, I think I would like to try Metroid Prime Hunters, have you played that?

Kevin said...

Following your lead (sorta) James - Katie and I bought a GC.

Katie really wanted Mario Party, and I really want to play Windwalker. We've been having a blast with it so far... and I fear I may just have to pick up a DS Lite in June... we'll see!

How is the BO these days? I'm sure you've had a few games with the office door shut ;)

James said...

Actually, I've been really well behaved and hardly played at work. Even though we all know it's totally possible.

The GC rocks... windwaker especially. Let me know if you get stuck on any parts. Mind you, that game is HUGE.

Have a great weekend.

Artoo said...

played it just a bit. shooters aren't my thing. IT is very well done though.

Puzzle wise: Zoo keeper is cool, Tetris DS is the best, Meteos and Polarium are cool but you should try before you buy. Bust a move ds is fun if you like that kind of game.
Lost in Blue is a cool sort of adventure game with little replay value.

Advance Wars is wicked. So is Metroid pinball if you are a fan.

Most of the games are really cool in 2 player mode. It is definately the strenght of the DS.

Innovative games - good games to show off capabilities of the DS: Pac-pix, electroplankton, Yoshi Toutch and Go, Warrio Ware.

I will put a list of my games next week on my site with a couple of comments.

Kevin said...

Here's a little tidbit you might like!

DS Street date broken!!

James said...

OOOOooo... interesting.

Kevin said...

You'll have to post updated 'impressions' of the system/games in about a months time.

I want an excuse to buy a DS Lite and if you really like that system, and Artoo does too... that just might be enough of an excuse!!

BTW - Zelda rocks!

Artoo said...

Yeah, i'm curious to head if you both like the system as much as Cinthia and I do.

James said...

I really do like the system. It goes almost everywhere with me: Car, work, toilet...