Monday, May 01, 2006

Review: WoW

The Weekend Of Work was, well, exactly as it sounds: full of work. Started with Friday night, Ferda and I started putting up the crown moulding for the dining room. Thursday night I had painted all the pieces, so Friday they were ready to be measured, cut, and put on the wall. We only got about halfway through it, then gave up since we both had to get up pretty early the next morning.

Saturday morning I woke a 6:45, make coffee, drank it, and left for Alex's to pick him up. Of course, he answered the door in his boxers and nothing else: hilarity. We left for Holly's as soon as he could find his pants. And his wallet. Once we got to Holly's I started loading down boxes to the sidewalk and they left to pick up the moving truck. They returned with Duncan, then Joelle showed up, and Michelle, and Matt, and later Dave and James. The move went pretty well. Afterwards, Holly got us all pizza. Then we disbursed and went our separate ways around 3 ish.

So Alex and I headed back to my place where we finished the crown moulding which only took about 45 minutes. Then we went back to his place and started grouting the tiles in the bathroom. This was the first grout experience for both of us, and it took a while. About 4-5 hours including cleanup. Once we were done, we caught the last five minutes of the hockey game. Fantastic near the end, back and forth, non-stop action.

Sunday morning up again early this time to help Co-Bro move. I only lasted for a few hours, but I hear that Dave and Alex kept it going til about 6ish. That's nuts, good for them! I went home and did a much need cleaning on our bathrooms, swept the garage floor of all the crap and dirt from winter, and did some touch-up painting in the hall. For dinner, we went back to Holly's and Alex's for a BBQ and some gamecubing.


Ferda said...

Also don't forget that Alex stepped in dog pee and was called pee sock for the remainder of the night.

Hollinator~ said...

The dang socks were all holey and ready for the garbage anyway... that stupid sock I washed wasn't fit for a bum to wear! GEESH! ;-S

Palmer said...

A man's socks are not to be ridiculed. I personally like it when they have a few holes in them. Especially in the heel.

On another note, who would have thought that there would be dog pee at Holly's new pad? Not me. Definitely.

Ferda said...

I have to say I'm anti hole socks. As soon as James' socks get holes off to the trash they go.

As for dog pee at Holly's. We were all shocked!